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Hope for a ps5 slim/pro announcement

I can’t wait to replay that sniper battle with the end again.

Spiderman 2
Symbiote suite looks good

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Here we goooooo*

. * Leaked map not confirmed

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Here we go indeed!!


How are people not sick to death of the GTA franchise by now lol, I’ve been playing it since it was top down and I honestly think I’d rather eat a lightbulb than play another one in the series.

Huge cash cow no doubt but the formula is beyond tired at this point. Kind of applies to all open world sandbox titles for me at this point.

Be cool if they brought out a retro version based on the old top down 2D for the new PS5

Was looking online the other day to see if they have Micro Machines as well
Anyone remember playing that on the old Playstation consoles?

It doesn’t have the same punch when Rockstar are basically the same as those they satirise.

Haha yeah I remember Micro Machines, I used to play it with friends on one of the old Sega’s. It was actually hard as hell for a fun little top down racer.

@Electrifying yeh man I totally agree they’ve lost their way as a studio big time. Back in the day they really had such a unique feel, GTA aside you had Bully, Manhunt, Red Dead and now it’s all just the same shit over and over again.

I am quite interested to see what Remedy do with the Max Payne remake, for once they’re actually remaking a game that deserves to modernized rather than shit that still plays perfectly fine in its original form.


I showed my son a YouTube video of it, he absolutely loved it!!

Shame they dont bring more of that stuff back out
I had another one I remember, California Games I think it was called

Had BMX, surfing etc on it. Superb game

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Not a full on handheld and lot of people would be disappointed by that but I’m liking these accessories.

I’ve played them all and yes it’s a spectacle and cash cow for Rockstar. I don’t play it online though, too much grievers and moders ruining it for everyone else. I’m however pretty upset with the way they have handled Red Dead Online. A beautiful game with such potential. Criminally abandoned by Rockstar imo.

It’s crazy. Capable of the best stories, world building, characters and visuals in the industry but also capable of the sheer negligence and fraud as in the case of Red Dead Online.

Just like Ultimate Team fucked the development of FIFA, GTA Online has ended Rockstar’s interest in single player content barring their big releases where they go all out for one movie like campaign.

I’m sure they will have a decent story for GTA 6 but they really need to be more creative with the gameplay experience now. No more just following the yellow line on the map and simple linear experiences. There has to be an evolution beyond just the visuals, story and immersion.


Don’t know if you have the console for it (Nintendo DS or PSP, though naybe its available elsewhere too…), but GTA Chinatown Wars sounds like what you’re looking for. It was a refreshing experience after playing plenty of 3D GTA to go back to a kinda top down, 2.5D looking GTA game. It feels like a great way to bridge the gap between old and “new” GTA.

I wasn’t aware that this was a thing, that’s quite exciting.

Did you play Max Payne 3? I think it’s a very overlooked Rockstar game, it was a very fun experience. People didn’t like that it had a different vibe to the first two games, but I thought it did well with its neo-noir vibe providing an update on the more classic noir stylings of the first two games, as opposed to playing it safe and just sticking with the exact same vibe.

I think you’d appreciate it for not being an open world game for a start, but instead a more linear experience with cool, cinematic set pieces.

Top man
Ill have a look, cheers
My boy has a PS5 so was hoping to do on that

Dont think it is on PS5, having had a look. Is available on android or ios though, which would replicate some of the touch screen controls featured in the DS version (stuff like hotwiring cars, little minigames etc, the general gameplay is not touchscreen, I played it on PSP years back)

Its nice visually, imo. A slightly more cartoony style look which I think suits the consoles it was designed for


I did play the third, I still have in my collection somewhere. It was so long ago I don’t really recall my feelings other than really enjoying the setting. The rich/poor contrast between the wealthy and the favellas, the sunny weather on a grizzled Max- it was a great turn in the story and a fine way to see out his trilogy from what I recall.

I think remedy are only remaking the first two largely because the 3rd probably still plays quite well and the first 2 are jank as fuck, and maybe to a lesser degree that the 3rd wasn’t recieved in the same fashion.

I’m pretty excited to see the first one if it’s done right. It was pretty iconic at the time and it deserves a little more world building around Max as a character and what he went through. If done right it could be so much more than just a trashy, pulp noir bullet time shooter

Ahh, I misread, it’s a remake, not a new game. Not that that dampens my excitement.

Remake is good to hear, as opposed to a remaster.