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I recently watched Ozark, would highly recommend it. Best series I have watched in a while.





Meh. Probably not his fault but bar Casino Royal his bond movies have been crap.


Casino Royal was immense, they should have taken the darker tone and built on it, really pushing every subsequent film’s boundaries. Instead they took an amazing revamp and decided to go back to the tired old formulae.

I remember a while ago I read that Tarentino wanted to direct a really mature Bond film. That would be something I’d pay to see.


That sounds awful lol


Do you not like Tarantino? He runs hot and cold with me, but when he’s good, he’s great.

Apparently it was pretty much the foundations for Casino Royal which imo is one of the best Bonds ever. Though in truth I’m not a massive fan of the franchise, a handful of the early ones and Bronson’s work are the only ones that I really enjoyed.


Think I’ve enjoyed basically every tarintino film I’ve seen even if some are more just for his general aesthetic whilst being not the greatest films as opposed to the classics he’s made and even then I don’t like the sound of a Tarantino bond

I’d like to see what elaborate scinario he would create to make it reasonable for bond to rapeatedly say the N word though lol


This (in the quote below) to me with it fully explained sounds bloody brilliant. I would’ve loved to have seen it.


Director Quentin Tarantino showed interest in adapting Ian Fleming’s novel ‘Casino Royale’ with an “out of continuity” universe that would feature actor Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. He claimed his treatment for the Bond movie was different, shooting the movie in black and white, with no classic John Barry theme, no opening title credits, or the familiar one-liners and using voice over narration in order to incorporate Fleming’s text.

The movie would have been more film noir, set firmly in the cold war era, the time Ian Fleming wrote about and would have been set immediately after the death of Bond’s wife Tracy in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). It’s frequently reported that EON rejected his offer. The truth is EON would not have been able to hire Tarantino, as he refuses to join the Directors Guild, and it’s doubtful the DG would be willing to grant a waiver. Tarantino would not be able to develop a Bond project on his own, as he does not have rights to the character.



This is what I would want to see. A broken Bond. Something different than the garbage popcorn drivel we’ve seen ever since Casino.

Some people have no vision.


Kill me now… :facepalm:


Elliott’s transitioning to movies :dizzy_face:


Odd one


Matt looks like he’s been upsizing




I love Wes Anderson…but no thank you. :santi:





Darkest Hour looks amazing, I was struggling to work out who was playing Churchill there :open_mouth: Guess I’m used to seeing a very different Gary Oldman


Blade Runner 2049 coming out this week.

Reviews are HOT.

As bold as the original Blade Runner and even more beautiful (especially if you see it in IMAX). Visually immaculate, swirling with themes as heart-rending as they are mind-twisting, 2049 is, without doubt, a good year. And one of 2017’s best.

it organically expands and grows what came before. It’s a deep, rich, smart film that’s visually awesome and full of great sci-fi concepts, and one that was well worth the 35-year wait.

Entertainment Weekly
Even when its emotions risk running as cool as its palette, 2049 reaches for, and finds, something remarkable: the elevation of mainstream moviemaking to high art.


I still haven’t seen the original Blade Runner but after the 3 shorts stories and the hype this is getting I can’t wait for this.

Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival and now Blade Runner 2049 Dennis Villeneuve’s on :fire:

Edit - The Short Stories