Unai Emery


10/11 squad was also certainly better relative to the league (would be hard to rank us anything other than 1st, 2nd, or at worst 3rd best squad that season). Relative to the league (which is all that really matters) this year’s squad might not even rank in the top 5 of The Emirates era, tbh.


Yep if it’s relative to the league ( which is all that really matters I agree) our current squad does not even come close to our best squad in the Emirates era.


We shall see. Our best Emirates years in the league under Wenger came as a result of early FA Cup exits. My point is more about “squad” than the sum of the players in it. As I said, I think we’re starting with the best squad in ages, that’s not to say we will finish the season in the best position.

Don’t agree with AbouCuellar but his objectives are to be contrary and pessimistic. So, as you were.


Think chico from Madrid has been at war with Emery since yesterday’s evening lol.


He is


Just outdated.


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I’ll take it with a pinch of salt :rofl:



That last tweet doesn’t exactly fill me with excitement.


Finally someone scouting the opponents. That’s already a massive improvement on Wenger.


I love his diplomatic “no better or worse to the previous way but certainly different.”

This is exactly what our players need. Being positioned a few yards one way or another can make all the difference, its clear that progressive managers like Guardiola have made this type of positional exactitude an important part of training and preparation, and its equally clear that Wenger didn’t give two fucks and just told his players to occupy a general space on the pitch or do what their instincts told them.


Best post I’ve read from you on here! :+1: Didn’t think you actually had a sense of humour!


Two days…At this point my stance towards Emery is known I reckon, but I’m still very curious how he is actually going to do.


Sounds encouraging

Defensively: first it is to be organised, recover the ball quickly. But in these two moments in the match we need to work. To say it here is easier than doing it on the pitch. We also need time, but now I am happy because I think the players are improving.

We need two things: quality players, which we have, and then organisation. Together I think we can improve, to win in our way. I repeat: organised, then play.


He is surely a man who knows and loves football.


Organised, then play?


The motto of a true football idealist.


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