Unai Emery

Nothing wrong with his hair. It’s better than mine for sure :slight_smile:

Show us your teeth :grin:

It’s good but could do with a bit less brylcreem

He should get a skinfade imo

Then he’s left requiring urgent maintenance twice a week, which I’ve heard is quite the headache


Skinfade isn’t that what happens when you die ?

Some prefer hardness than size.

My coach. :flushed:

Shamelessly raping the English language. Gotta imagine the struggle in some of those training sessions.

How is your Spanish?

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it annoys me when people say “it’s your boy”, you’re not my boy

“We have very good players, very young good players. We need someone to help us. The club is working on that.”



I just LOL at plead for help after saying we have good players.

We have good players though. Auba and Laca are good. And they are players.


some of our youth which i reckon he is talking about he isnt lying some of them are very good.

The thing about youth is, how many will make it at a club that plans to challenge for EPL & CL titles ? It rarely happens and Josh said that’s our ambition is it not ?