Unai Emery


We got a meme out it tho haha. Worth it


Not sure meme is the word I’d use to describe that lol


Wenger would’ve slapped that down but added a joke like “see? it isn’t so easy to plan a stadium build on time” *Insertshiteatinggrinhere


Not sure “worth it” is the phrase I’d use to describe that lol


I see a spurs stadium meme I hand out a like :sunglasses:


Lol! King Unai :arteta:


He has 50 points from 26 games so far this season, which doesn’t seem to bad in all honesty. But I think everyone that has watched the bulk of our matches will admit that tally flatters him.


How does it flatter? We won the games, earned the points.

For years we watched this team outplay opponents and end up with nothing. it might be fucking awful to watch bit it’s a results business at the end of the day.


The level of performance isn’t sustainable picking up the same amount of points is what I’m saying, keep playing shithouse football and eventually it’ll catch up with you.

I’m expecting a pretty barren spell points wise at some stage in the near future.


I really don’t get this “tally flatters him”. It seems that if someone is lucky it’s his fault. You have to be good to get lucky.


Indeed. We were already out from the Champions League race in february last season. It’s the opposite now.


Yeah that’s pretty much the one positive from this season, I can’t remember how many points we were off 4th after 26 games last season, but I’m sure it was more than 1.


Course you are. This is one you’re not gonna be able to tell us so about though. On pace for 75 points innit.


On pace for 73 points pal, don’t jump the gun and inflate the facts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.




I’m already awarding us the next 6 pts. :sunglasses:


We are 5 times better than last season. Cool.


So not bad at all. Image with a better squad next season.


In the time Arsenal have lost Holding, they’ve lost 4 and had 1 draw. Two of those losses were expected against Liverpool and City. Arsenal is not in an ideal situation with these injuries, but I do wonder if the impact is as big.


I think our biggest miss is Bellerin. He provides so much width and energy to our attacks that hasn’t been there since he got injured. No wonder why we tend to use Kolasinac more frequently.