Unai Emery


Options, the only options we had were sell for 20m or get a player who had 20 assists in a season 18 months prior. At the time it looked like a better deal than taking the money, no doubt about that. Mane certainly wasn’t an option then

TBH Mkhitaryan and Ozil should be playing really well for us. That’s partly on the coaching to get this back on topic.


Get us Zaniolo :unai:


It’s not inaccurate bc to not to do it would mean we sold Sánchez for nothing as well.




I love that Tubes has realised that at this age it isnt dignified for him to be doing all the shit rapping and stupid hype noises that went with it haha

Not slating him though by any stretch, his segments from back then are probably the only bits I’d watch now and still laugh at.


Soccer AM was always a weird blend of cringe and brilliance. I found Tubes stuff pretty awful though and genuinely thought he was on the spectrum back in the day.


I don’t really like the business he has done at Roma tbh. I know they have had a huge peak a few years ago and repeating that as a small club is rather difficult. But except for Pellegrini, Under and probably Zaniolo the other young players they have signed aren’t that convincing and going on the reject route (Kolarov, Pastore, El Shaawary) is never really good business imo.


Cristante, Schick, Coric, Gerson have also been signed under Monchi although what role he had in all of them I don’t know. Gerson and Coric have good potential and Shick should really have developed more than he has.

Think he’s had a hit and miss time at Roma but you never get them a right you could point out plenty of duds that Sven signed at Dortmund and even Arsenal.


Does Cristante f.e. really convince you? I’m just not sure what value he exactly added to Roma and why Arsenal should go all out for him and not look for somebody who is more familiar with the French/African market. I think he signed for four years with them, so if we truely want him we’ll probably need to pay them. A lot of these young signings he made were reportedly already on the radar of Serie A top five/six clubs anyway.


I like Cristante and I’ve been a fan of his since Milan youth days and never understood why they let him go. But I think it’s a good signing and one that will pay dividends.

I’m in total agreement though I’d love us to bring someone in who’ll take advantage of the French market in particular. But I don’t see who that would be but that’s got everything to do with the fact that I literally have no knowledge of major football directors outside of the obvious candidates like Marotta, Monchi and Paratici.

With regards to the last point though you could argue that most young players are on the radars of the big clubs anyway. It’s all about who chooses to act first and offers the best proposal to a young talent.





Yeah but people want him sacked after 24 games lol


Tag me all you like, I’ll repay the faith when Emery is out the door in 18 months :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Yeah then Big Raul will finally deliver us Valverde :giroud2:


Hahahahaha wouldn’t shock me, I have no faith in this club to get a manager appointment right, @Arsenal4thetreble was sure right about that.


So cool.


More away wins than Wenga last season. It wasn’t difficult to do better than him, but it’s still a nice stat.




Not sure hilarious is the word I’d use to describe that lol