Unai Emery

They wanted a yes man, they got it. Good on Arteta, he is destined for greater things.

Wenger screwed us over - had he gone last year, we would have had Tuchel. Now we are stuck with a yes man, yet again. Ffs.


Although not my preferred choice, I think this could be a very good move…Now, lets get behind him and the team…

Ffs. Small dicker as our new manager.

Aah well got to backhim



I just put it on and they still had in the white box at the bottom that Arteta is the favourite. Still.

I haven’t watched it in ages, they’ve got a proper posh bloke on there now! :smiley:

So it’s finally getting settled.

Divisive choice but which appointment wouldn’t be?

His PSG tenure has scared off many but I’m of the “lets wait and see” mindset. This is a different task and we’ve seen many managers experience drastically varied levels of success at different clubs.

It’s not always the most exciting name that ends up doing wonders.


Apparently it’s a unanimous decision, but we’ll find out further down the line just how unanimous it really was :smile:

Like I said in the other thread; possibly the most underwhelming appointment Arsenal could make.

This is just speculation.



RIP Arsenal Mole.

Fairly uninspiring, winning Europa Leagues seems to be his level but then again that is our level now so may as well get used to it.

For me personally, the only (realistic) way this could be worse, would be if we’d appointed Ancelotti.

But, like I said with Arteta, I trust that the board know what they’re doing and they obviously know more than I do.

Kinda feeling a bit meh about the new season now though.


Fuck me. A football manager as our next manager. I never thought I’d see the day.


Arteta must have turned us down

We sign the dude who lost a league been at charge of PSG. I wanna cry.


How can you even say this lol. WE ARE FREE OF WENGER. cba with it now as I’m happy for the summer break but when the time comes I’ll be looking forward to it

So happy with this. I dreaded us being the testing ground for Arteta. At least we’ve got a competent manager with a clear philosophy.


PSG is the only big club lol. You don’t need to make Seville bigger than they are.

PSG wanted him for a reason. It’s just a really tough job for any manager, in paris.

Delighted we got Unai. We’ll see how it goes. Nobody knows.

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Arsenal is the perfect level for Emery. The man will build us into a competitive side, our football will make sense. So excited for the summer and next season