Unai Emery


Lelelelel what’s sad is it’s true. I’ve been saying our team is poor since forever, and the sentiment had been, well let’s see under a new manager. The defense has actual gotten worse since Wenger :joy::joy::joy:. I will give credit where it’s due tho Xhaka looks a lot better. Other than that though it’s nice to see most Arsenal fans have realized our team is limited to 4th - 6th and only an insanely overachieving Arsenal side is gonna make 4th.


Wenger had 22 years, Emery’s had six months and only a few of these players were selected by him (or the recruitment team). Nonsense.


Not that it’s hard to spot when you’re trolling, but it’s a dead give away when your post includes one of these


76 would be a decent return, only 1 point better than 16/17 though and in truth we don’t have a worse squad than then. Although I do think our away games in the second half of the year are harder and we will hence have to step it up a bit if we’re to get that return.

The first year is a year of grace anyway. It’s the progress that is made from then we have to look at.

My concern at the moment is the handling of our best creative asset in Ozil.


Does anyone know what lel even means? :thinking:


Love Emery Lots?


Classy to blame a new manager who is here for 6 months for the bad management of our previous manager who has done poorly for the past 6 years with mediocre investments and an ancient gameplan.


It’s reasonable to point a double standard to those who said Wenger wasn’t getting enough out of the players in the last few seasons if Emery only matches the 16/17 points total and placing. Either Emery’s tactics aren’t significantly better than Wenger’s or the players aren’t good enough.

Wenger and Gazidis signings weren’t good enough in the last few seasons and that’s why we are where we are. Are the signings in the last 12 months significantly? Aubameyang aside I’m not convinced they are.


Ehm. One has got 10 years to sort it out and the other 6 months. If anything Emery is doing very well with the personnel at hand and taking over under such circumstances we are in.


In my opinion I think people are moan because it’s 6 months in and there is not much of a improvement in results and play. In 6 months we still have our defensive short comings and no proper cohesion in the team. I don’t exspect him to sort out all our deficiencies off the bat but at least improve them.


Id have to agree with this. I was and am happy with Emery appointment. Not for one minute though did I envisage us being as still this bad in defence. Also I presumed there would have been better cover from midfield as a whole.


There seems to be more people moaning about people moaning about Emery than there actually is people moaning about Emery.


Goes to show it was never about tactics rather it has always been about personnel when it comes to defensive side.


One had to sell all his best players for 10 years without any capital investment. The other has had a large squad investment in the last 12 months with a better squad than 16/17, yet isn’t shooting for a higher points total than that team yet.

Also what about the comments need correcting like ‘Emery transformed Iwobi into a player infinitely better than he ever was under Wenger’ and ‘this side will be so much better defensively under Emery because he can set up a defense’? ETC.


Better keep making Arsene’s coats.

One has had last 6 years to sort out his underpeformance and Arsene did have the funds. The other is here for 6 months and inherited a mess left behind by Wenger.

No way around it that Emery is doing a good job despite the mess this club is in since Wenger’s last years.

You can judge Emery when he had the time Wenger had for the last 6 seasons.


Auba and Torreira are definite upgrades on last seasons team, no doubt. However it’s probably about the same level as the team we had two years ago when Sanchez went HAM and scored 30+ goals, and we had a healthy Santi.

Ppl are far too harsh on Wenger for last season. We had a very poor team, definitely 6th in terms of talent. Sanchez had deteriorated already, and was gone mentally, and we only got Auba for what, 3 months? Wenger makes a great point, it’s slightly miraculous that we were so good at home.


There was literally no excuse for our away record though. That was a huge failing of Wenger last season.


There are plenty of excuses.


If you’re acknowledging we had the 6th best team in the league then you should be able to understand that our away record last season was unforgivable and that’s not even really up for debate.


I don’t like the way Emery isn’t playing Lacazette for full 90 mins . This boy knows where the net is and is certainly a game changer .
Sort yourself out Emery .