Unai Emery


And we could have scored 10 with better wing backs… our defense is a total shambles, but it would have been last year without Koscielny as well… he is still by far our best CB, and that is the biggest issue I can see atm. Those saying we won’t make top 6 are just silly… top 4 was always going to be a challenge with the teams in front of us, especially with a peaking Pool and Spurs.

And WHU did NOT dominate us lol… we were terrible on counters and gave them a couple of chances, but by and large there was always going to be one winner in that game, and it was us.

17 shots to 13, 10 on target to 5, 62/38 possession, 542/341 passes, 85 to 75 pass accuracy… we dominated on any objective measure statistically speaking… and watching the game, there was the same impression… like I said, we had one grave weakness, counters… otherwise, we dominated on all fronts.


He has to stick with his guys, we can’t buy a whole team in one window


When he made his changes it help at one point in the first half they were overrunning us. Like I said against better teams we would get ripped apart


They were not overrunning us… the stats don’t tell that story at all, nor did the flow of the game. We were shambolic against counters, that is pretty much it.


I was just led to different things by what he said. Giving everyone a chance and what not. It’s clear though that as every coach, Emery has favourites too. Hope they don’t let him down.


It’s not clear. It’s 3 games.


We’ll see. Still, coaches have favourites and it’s well documented.


Exactly. Wait and see ffs.


Then do so because making statements about how bad we are compared to last year, stating who we should be hiring next and how you know the managers thinking after 3 games makes you look like a pillock and hence the troll accusations.


Actually, at times we were so bad they could have scored even if we statistically on top; that game could have been 2-2 before we scored the third.

For various parts of the game we had little to no control, Filipe Anderson ran through our midfield and on our right so much; not only that had West Ham been more clinical they would won.


Same could be said both ways. We gave the ball away cheaply countless times by micki and bellerin alone. I really don’t see how people come away from that game thinking we were anything but deserved winners of a bad game.


No issues with being accused of whatever. This is a free forum, if that’s your opinion please feel free to state whatever you wish.
I’m not pleased with what I see, I’ll call it out. Dunno what’s wrong with that. I don’t just hate to hate. That’s stupid. For example, I am not fond of Xhaka but I praised his second half performance.


No one is pleased so far, but it is first 3 games of season, first 3 games of new manager who inherited squad with obvious, massive issues… worst away record IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE except for one team in 2018… and we have played two of the probable favorites for champion and top 4. And we have our best CB injured and still have massive holes in the squad (notably CB and wing attack, possibly now wingbacks)…

You smack of having massive confirmation bias. I don’t think anyone criticized Xhaka today, including me (and I can’t stand him as a player b/c I think his lack of intelligence puts his ceiling so low)…


I am sorry but we hardly look like winners. West Ham had to many chances in the game; again had West Ham made slightly better decisions, this conversation would be different.

So far the three games has shown it is too easy to get behind Arsenal’s defence.


Check the the matchday thread. Yeah, don’t worry about apologizing.


Why are people getting pissy with an opposing view???


Fair enough.


Silly Bad troll…:wink:


Have no idea bud. Been away for a long time fro
the forum.
They get triggered niw but most were spewing venom in the matchday thread.


We scored 3 goals and had several other very good chances… I can recall 1 or 2 very good chances for WHU that they missed that weren’t already called offside… I think people are basing the fact that on 3 or 4 occasions Anderson waltzed free 30-40 yards on our defense as an overall indication of the total game… it wasn’t. No one disagrees that we were an absolute shambles on counters, but they didn’t actually turn into that many great chances - and we would NOT have played that way with our wing backs so far up field in all likelihood against a City, so it isn’t a fair comparison.

Our tragic giveaways and lack of transition defense are what undid us today… we didn’t play great (I rated 2 people a 7 or better, Cech (even though he had next to nothing to do), and Laca (who was a sub), but to say that WHU should have won is ridiculous.


Dunno man. West Ham had some pretty clear cut chances but they messed up. Talked with neutrals too and they told me the same thing. That we were lucky. We controlled the match better in the second half but West Ham had far too many chances for my liking.