Unai Emery

Southampton almost got a draw at City a week or so ago.

Underestimate Emery at your own peril.


I’m just relieved I have a mates wedding in Adelaide in 2 weeks and when we play Norwich and Brighton I’ll be busy travelling around NZ. This could potentially get me out of watching the next 3 league games.

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There will be a lot of toxicity when we play Southampton.

Emery will smalldick

I can see us dropping points.

Lol fair enough, but Soton are trash other than that one performance

Two weeks of this till our next game

Slap that phrase in to pornhub search and see what comes up.

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No thanks. I don’t watch my own videos. It’s poor form. :arteta:

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More and more convinced that they can’t replace permanently until summer, which I honestly mostly agree with - I still 100% feel they should move and put someone in charge interim regardless, but it adds to the equation of “supporting Emery fully.”

What if they actually wanted Enrique as the next guy but he isn’t actually ready yet? (perfectly plausible scenario) What if he WOULD be ready in summer, along with the potential options being a much larger pool?

What I do worry is that they somehow think Emery is better to persist with than some interim options (including Freddie) - tbf plenty on this board even question the interim options or suggest interim options that are probably unrealistic… even Benitez… would he take an interim salvage job just to hand off to someone else he feels is more/less his peer? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate in late career submission to an upper class?


Big risk to leave Unai in place until May. He’s absolutely a dead man walking now so you’re talking 20 some domestic league games under a guy who will definitely not be here come July. Sure the players are professional but they’re human. They don’t understand his instructions now, if left in place they won’t understand AND won’t give a shit.

So we finish potentially outside UCL spots or even outside Europe all together. Auba leaves, Lacazette leaves, Torreira leaves, Ceballos goes back to Madrid, we might have to sell a guy like Matteo just to help generate some money. Is Enrique taking that type of rebuilding job after having a tremendous personal tragedy? Just can’t see it.

On the other hand, if we dump Unai now there’s a slight possibility we can fluke our way to fourth. But more importantly we can demonstrate to the squad that Unai’s utter incompetence had consequences.


I hate the idea that it’s somehow a language problem with Emery. Yeah his english is kinda shit which is probably just a symptom of him being somewhat of a dullard but c’mon, Pochettino started working at Southampton and doing a fine job without speaking a lick of English at a club with less resources and less international/spanish speaking players. So many times the reverse has happened and a Dutch or German manager has come into Spain without speaking a lick of Spanish and got on fine.

This isn’t about players not understanding his directions, there are plenty of people to translate his directions to the players or clear up any confusions, a manager with a poor handle of the majority language is nothing new. We’re not talking about complex linguistic exchanges either, this isn’t a philosophy team or a psychologist trying to get to complex emotional problems that might need the use of more sophisticated language…in the end football tactical instructions are not that complicated.

This is about, as @A.F. posted above in a tweet I think–or was it Elec?–not players not understanding his instructions, but his instructions being shit, and him not having coherent ideas.

In short, it’s about him being shit. But don’t blame it on the language. He didn’t fail at PSG because he spoke shit French just as he’s not failing at Arsenal cause he speaks shit English.


Just seems like such a bleak time to be a Arsenal has been for a few years now, but this one is really worrying. Emery looks out of his depth, the Job’s too big for him and the Board are afraid to sack him cause they have fuck all back up plan to replace him. It’s going to get worse then better, the players (who are just as much to blame for this as Emery is) aren’t arsed anymore and most will be gone in the summer.

I still think there are deeper problems then just Emery, don’t think half these players are up for it and want a easy life at Arsenal, the Board are spineless. Scary times ahead i’m afraid.


Yeah I 100% agree with this but fear Raúl and Edu will wait too long.


Dick needs to be fucked

I’m over talking Unai Emery now and basically from this point on I consider it the board / ownerships fault. I’ve always thought he never should have got the job, but now everyone has seen he isn’t up to the challenge except for the Arsenal hiercachy.

Unai isn’t exactly going to hand in his resignation, so if the board and ownership won’t do what needs to be done, this is well and truly on them.


Nidid hits the bar. Look at this shit.

And this 10 seconds before the goal…just what?

Are our players just that tactically inept, or is this the manager’s doing?

Maybe years of Wenger has left the club in a state of ineptitude when it comes to defending. Years of just concentrating on passing moves and freedom on the pitch has left the whole club tactically weak. Talking from grass roots to first team.

Or its just Unai.

Probs a bit of both tbh.


Sevilla taking the piss.

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You see that’s how I see and associate Emirates Arsenal.
Time after time there’s been an abundance of these situations highlighted in television analysis.
This sort of stuff won’t be put right in all likelihood with Freddie, and for me the real reason why we won’t make four.
Even with a bounce factor these mistakes are always going to be costly.
So need a big big personality as well as a good taction.


I still can’t believe that Arsenal briefing. It’s actually mental that they’re “100%” behind a guy who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery, let alone a football team!

There are no reasons to keep Emery as manager. Not a single one. None. Our football hasn’t improved, the results are bad and and the players haven’t kicked on under him. The players are better than his “coaching” will have us believe.

We are not finishing in the top 4 under this guy and to keep him on is ludicrous. Perhaps we won’t get top 4 with someone else either but we need to at least give it a go! To borrow a description from @InvincibleDB10 ‘s book, by keeping Unai, the board are telling us we’re a club where mediocrity is embraced.


I know right.

“Anyone but Wenger”
“We won’t get a Moyes”

Yeah but Wenger wasn’t a Fergie going out as a champion, so the differential isn’t anywhere as big for us. It’s just extremely disappointing not to have moved on. United have gone from champions to also rans.