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Messi’s usual thing >>>>> VVD’s best


And it’s not even close lol


If another player had a season Messi had we wouldn’t be discussing anyone else in terms of winning player of the year, it happens you become a victim of your own lofty standards… “ Messi just did his usual thing “

The weird thing is this might be the only time in say 20-30 years where a player will be so evidently superior to the rest, which should have meant that there be less bickering about who is the best…yet here we are.

Once Messi retires, we all would be fussing about who is better between say Salah and Mbappe


Mbappe’s a fraud though

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The problem with this is that your comparing apples and oranges. A defender is never going to have the goal scoring stats of an attacking player, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of being the best player. These awards favour attacking players way too much. You can score all the goals you want, but if you leak just as many you won’t get anywhere. Without a solid defense, attackers don’t have the same freedoms going forward. I’m not saying Messi doesn’t deserve it, but it shouldn’t all be about scoring goals. I feel for defenders and DMs who rarely get the recognition they deserve.

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There is an obvious answer to that.
Attacking players are that much better than defensive players.
Quite honestly defensive players are more or less players who were not good enough to be an attacking player.

The amount of skill and precision required by a striker is far more than that is required of a defender.
Plus defence is matter of system and is also reliant on attacking players defending from the front.

I can easily frame your statement by saying
You can defend all you want but if you are toothless in front of the goal, you are nothing.

There are teams who have achieved or mounted challenges with poor defence because they have a talented attacker, check Liverpool with Suarez.

I don’t recall a team who has won a title with a poor attacking unit.

And also it is not about scoring goals for me.
It is about being a footballer.

Who is the better footballer between Messi & any player in the world?

He wins it hands down any time in last decade for me, because that dude can do everythjng with the ball that we expect a footballer should be able to.

I think the leadership that VVD tops Messi and has inspired his team more. Messi is the best player in the world but id say VVD has top him performance wise on another level.
Its an individual award in a team sport so its a bit hollow anyway tbf.