Uefa is set to review the away-goals rule

Yes! Axe it.

I’d be happy if they just stopped counting ones scored in extra time.


Too late for us, how many times has it cost us already ?

Says every teams fans everywhere.

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I legit can’t think of a time we have progressed on that rule in my time of following the club… can think of 3 times off the top of my head that we have been outed on it though.

If they scrap this rule is their any point to 2 leg games might aswell easy the fixture congestion

Yes of course because each team gets 1 game at home, rather than just relying on the luck of being drawn at home.


About time, it’s such an outdated rule, was based upon giving an away team an advantage for teams fatigued after having to spend days travelling across the continent. Nowadays you can be in Moscow in just a few hours so isn’t needed anymore

I like the rule. It gives the away teams incentive to attack rather than just sit back and defend in the away leg.
Removing it will make the draw in a 2 legged tie even more critical with the team playing away first a having majority of the tactical advantage.

Although it makes no sense in extra time. Once 180 minutes are done, the tie should be reset to 0-0 for ET with no away goal rule advantage.

Football is a game of close margins, flukes and shit officiating, so I don’t think it’s fair that any of these things happening at the wrong time can effectively have two goals go for/against you.

I think it ruins two legged ties as it is because all anyone wants from the first leg is to not concede an away goal.

Away goals makes the games more unique. Just going to end up with more penalty shoot outs otherwise.


I’ve never really had a problem with the away goal rule, other than it going over into extra time, which really screws up the home team. But other than that, it does usually at least do the task of forcing the away team to try and attack and not just sit back, unless of course they’re defending a lead from the first leg. If it changes, then so be it, but not too fussed whatever they decide to do.

To summarise: