UEFA Euro 2020 OA LMS

8 please

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Need a number Mo :joy:

24 is .5 off half of 49, give him that. :wink:

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25 then :wenger: :wenger: :wenger:


Might even get the teams announced if its gets filled as only a few spaces left

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Just give me whatever’s left :rofl:

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#11 please

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21 please.

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16 if it’s still available or any number left

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I’ll take any of the remaining numbers

20 or anything else left.

Also, what the hell is this?

Last man standing who’s ever team wins the comp is the winner

18 please

5 please

Sorry you were to late.

Draw will be up tonight

Here is the official draw :fire::raised_hands:

@Josh :switzerland:
@Phoebica :fr:
@Leper :belgium:
@Sol :es:
@Powderfinger Wales
@Cristo :macedonia:
@JohnnyH :croatia:
@SpankyJoyJoy :it:
@Persona :slovakia:
@Bl1nk :ukraine:
@Flexo :ru:
@Calum :austria:
@Stroller :finland:
@ronniec :portugal:
@Aussiegooner :czech_republic:
@Lister86 :hungary:
@The_Invincibles :tr:
@Gunnerpr :de:
@shamrockgooner :sweden:
@Bergkamp10GOAT :denmark:
@TheSpecialCnut Scotland :fire:
@BizzySignal England
@DavidHillier :netherlands:
@MO_OA49 :poland:


What do I get for winning?

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Nice one Cal :slight_smile:


Oh shit did I say 1? I meant 2 :poldi:

Granit Xhaka FC here we goooo

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What the hell flag have I got? Palestine?

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