UEFA consider changing Penalty Shootout system


Penalty shootouts in football could be transformed to make them fairer under new plans being looked at by Uefa.

The sport’s European governing body is already trialling a new way for penalties to be taken in decisive shootouts.

Instead of teams alternating spot-kicks, Uefa is considering a new system similar to the tie-break in tennis.

The system is being tried out at the European Under-17 Championship, which began in Croatia on Wednesday.

What makes the perfect World Cup shootout penalty?

How does it work?

As it stands, teams take turns in a shootout, with the choice of who goes first decided by a coin toss.

For example, team A goes first, then team B, then team A again.

The new system is called ‘ABBA’ and sees team A followed by team B - before team B goes again. Team A would then get two successive penalties, and so on until there is a winner.

A coin will still be tossed to decide who goes first.

Why is a change needed?

The idea is to stop the team going second having to always, potentially, play catch-up. The sport’s rule-making body, Ifab, approved the trial after looking at research it says proves the team taking the first penalty have an unfair advantage as they win 60% of shootouts.

“The hypothesis is that the player taking the second kick in the pair is under greater mental pressure,” said Uefa.

The system is also being trialled at the women’s European Under-17 Championship, which began in the Czech Republic on Tuesday.

Not sure I like the sound of this. If they wanted to change the shootout, you could always trial the systen they use in Hockey. The one the English team won last Summer in the Olympics was pretty awesome.




I’d genuinely like to see both managers fist fight for the decision.

Not to the death. But at least needing to be taken off the pitch to receive treatment.


The new system is called ‘ABBA’



Yeah I’m sold too, I didn’t need to read any further than that. I’m willing to take a chance on it :grin:


Should be penalties with run up like in soccer.


This is the dramatic change football has been waiting for!!


At least it’s a common sense suggestion based on some kind of evidence.

Bravo UEFA :clap:


I like this idea.


Yep. Fair enough, sounds like a good decision.


I want a change in the “normal” penalties during play. There’s always players running into the box before the kick is taken, or the keeper takes a step off the line. Better just to have the kicker vs the keeper, no rebounds or shit. If the keeper saves it, the ball should be considered dead and it’s a goal kick to resume play. And these tempo changes and stops in the run up irritates me. You should not be allowed to stop or lower your tempo in the run up. What often happens then is that the keeper gets tricked and takes a step off the line before the ball is struck. Which is good for the kicker, but if rules are to be followed correctly the kick should be retaken.


Wenger wants to go first:


Ive always thought it should be sudden death from the start. Never got how we got it was 5 in the first place.
Gets called a lottery therefore why over think it. Never feels like a real win too me in a final.
Not saying I havent celebrated them just the moment dont last.