UEFA Champions League

He’s such an immense player, his consitency is truly elite. The way Pep is using him is mad negligent though.

He shouldn’t even be in the sqaud for tonights game, Phillips is not rated whatsoever there


Man City with statlines you have on Football Manager when you run a 170+ CA team against a weaker side.

Holy, Lazio’s goalkeeper scored in the last minute to draw the game.


An absolute bullet of a header aswell!! Superb scenes at the olympico :clap::clap:



It is nothing about UCL.

It is about the make up/stoppage time.

Amazing. The keeper didn’t know what to do with himself haha

What the UCL is really all about:

Listening to talk sport on the way into work as some Newcastle fan calls in and says its good to see the CL back at St James’s park… You know, Newcastle, perrenial champions league participants :rofl::rofl:


How often have they actually been in the CL? Surely it’s just a handful of times no?

I don’t know how many times, but they were knocked out from qualifications by Partizan Belgrade with Lothar Mathauss in 03/04

Union Berlin enjoying their 15 minutes of fame, I guess. Gawd help them if RM get anything going. Some piss poor finishing from them tbh.

Bellingham does it again

Ffs. All that hard work for Berlin and then they concede that shit goal. Gotta feel for those lads. Madrid always seem to have luck in their side.

That’s gotta hurt


Fucking hell that’s prime Inzaghi movement :joy:


I can’t get over Bellingham playing for Madrid. What a player he’s going to be.

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United 2-0 down, former Liverpool and former Arsenal players the scorers :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Need a Kane goal now for the full house :joy:

Sane, not Mane :joy:

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My bad, even worse then, former Man city player :rofl: