UEFA Champions League

Benfica v City final me thinks.

Great shot for Benfica to reach the final. Obviously the curse kicks in again for that one.

Napoli vs. Inter a very possible semi final. Benfica will be tough for Inter

Add Arsenal winning the title too and this would my greatest season ever in my lifetime, nothing would ever top this.
Because I’ve now just said this I’ve realised too late I’ve cursed everything :upside_down_face:


1980 would be vanquished though. :zipper_mouth_face:

Loooool Man City bye bye

Chelsea gonna fluke past Madrid n win it all

Huge chance for Napoli to get to the final.

What a season for them that would be.

I’m sure having a huge gap behind them in the Serie A will make them focus on the CL even more, and they do have a big advantage compared to Inter/Milan with that. Benfica are doing great in their league, although not so comfortable.

They probably wont have a better chance to go this far in the CL in the coming decades.

An already special season could become magical.

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They still have to beat Bayern city or Madrid in the final though. Would fancy all of the above to beat Napoli.

Soz Jesse

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Yeah fingers crossed for Napoli, they really can afford to rest players with their league situation. 18 points clear and with an enormous goal difference, they can genuinely afford to lose 4 or 5 games and probably still finish clear at the top. They’d need to drop more than 18 points in their last 12 games and for the teams below to basically win all their games.

Kinda hoping City get through Bayern just so it gives them another 2 fixtures on top of the 3 extra they are already guaranteed to play as opposed to us.

16 fixtures compared to 11 is a big difference.

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I can actually see that happening.

When they won it in 2012 they had a poor PL season. Always remember it because it was pre rule change, so Spurs missed out on Champions League football despite finishing 4th :sweat_smile:


Keep saying it to my chelsea mate but he doesn’t want to get his hopes up :joy:

Wouldn’t surprise me if Potter pulled a Di Matteo. Even when they won it under Tuchel they weren’t close to being favourites, it’s always against the odds.

Their roster also has a ton of talent. In tournament football sometimes all it takes is one guy having a moment. Look at Rodrygo last season. Weird stuff happens.

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That’s ok because what you have said probably dilutes the curse I’ve placed :japanese_ogre:

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Madrid are gonna fucking smash Chelsea lol


Chelsea aren’t beating Madrid then Bayern or City to make the final.

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They won a cup double, didn’t they?

Part of me still thinks di Matteo should have been given more of a chance in 2012/13. He had “money in the bank” based on the previous season