UEFA Champions League 2016/17 Group Stage Draw

Thursday 25 August 2016
5PM (UK Time)

At least we can’t get Olympiacos this season lol. Would prefer if we didn’t get fucking Barca or Bayern from Pot 1 aswell. GIVE US SOMEONE NEW DRAW GODS I BEG YOU!!

@Luca_from_Italy your mate won’t be doing it anymore :wink:


Regardless of the draw we are going to come 2nd in the group and then get tossed in the round of 16.


Any chance that we are in the same group of another 2 seeds? Or we will be the top/2nd seed no matter what and won’t see 2 good opponents in the group?


We are in pot 2 so we are getting a league winner from the top 7 leagues in our group

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So in answer to your question @ronniec there will only be 1 good team in our group. And we wont fuckin be that team.

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At least we avoid Leicester until the quarter finals.

Good team, Leicester.


also @shamrockgooner

Thanks guys

@Calum, it’s a very sad news. Gianni was such a great character. Want to see in which group Leicester comes up with.

Anyone care to post the pots?

Edit: Here’s what’s confirmed so far.

Pot 1: Real Madrid (ESP, holders), Barcelona (ESP), Leicester City (ENG), Bayern München (GER), Juventus (ITA), Benfica (POR), Paris Saint-Germain (FRA), CSKA Moskva (RUS)

Pot 2: Atlético Madrid (ESP), Borussia Dortmund (GER), Arsenal (ENG), Sevilla (ESP), Porto (POR), Napoli (ITA), Bayer Leverkusen (GER)

Pot 3: Tottenham Hotspur (ENG), Dynamo Kyiv (UKR), Lyon (FRA), PSV Eindhoven (NED), Sporting CP (POR), Club Brugge (BEL)

Pot 4: Monaco (FRA), Beşiktaş (TUR), Legia Warszawa (POL), Ludogorets Razgrad (BUL)

It could well be the year we don’t qualify from the group. Last year showed us we can’t count on picking up points about the pot 4 teams. We struggled against Besiktas in a qualifier with a much more settled, coherent team than we currently have.

When you look at pot 1, there’s only CSKA Moscow and Benfica that I wouldn’t be very confident of us dropping 6 points to, though I think we’d lose heavily away to both those sides, and realistically we’d be looking at a point from the home game.

I’d also have doubts about our ability to compete away from home against any of the sides currently confirmed for pot 3 except Club Brugge. Basel could yet end up in pot 3 and I seriously doubt we could beat them.

Should be a comfortable second place yet again. Doesn’t matter who we draw from pot1 we’ll always manage second.

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I think realistically that’s a very over-optimistic view. In the same way that fans are so used to us getting into 4th some way, somehow it’s equally true that we’re used to group phase qualification and it is therefore not readily accepted that we don’t have what it takes for either this season.

I think the lack of coherence, genuine attacking threat or defence of any kind will be extremely costly across the board this season. There are few teams in the competition when you look at it that we could get a result against away from home. Last year we were nearly exposed but for an incredible performance against Bayern Munich at home, which we’re no longer capable of. In order to get through the group phase you need between 9-12 points, and looking at it we can only be confident of 6 as anything else will require getting a result away from home and a competitive performance against one of the top sides is totally out of the question.

I think you’re just having a really negative outlook on what this team can achieve. Most of the teams that we can get from pot3 and 4 are not all that difficult to beat as long as we don’t completely fuck it up. Having said that I would on the other hand trust us to finish second to even CSKA Moscow, who are nowhere near a team that should beat us for the group, but I simply trust us to be competent enough to qualify but incompetent enough not to win our group.

We’ll just have to see I guess. Unless we draw a team that can genuinely upset us for second, which are maybe one or two I’m not that concerned that this will be the year.

Hopefully we’ll just draw someone like Ajax/Lyon from 3rd and Gladbach/Salzburg/Celtic from 4th pot. At least that would make for interesting games and not the usual boring bull-shit.

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I think pot 3 and 4 are on the whole pretty weak.

It would be a disaster to not qualify, regardless of who’s in pot 1.

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Hope we get CSKA Moscow, Club Brugge and Monaco (revenge).


Barca, Lyon (with Lacazette on fire), and Monaco. Should be fun lol.

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Two frenchies there. That can’t happen.

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Morris has spoken! :gunnersaurus:

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My predication for the group will be

Legia Warszawa or Ludogorets Razgrad just be nice to play someone different

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It doesnt matter a great deal to the business model if we get out of the group or not . The draw is fixed as everone knows . Im seriously not that bothered but would be nice to go somewhere new.

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I’d like to play against Juventus from the ‘big boys’ for a change, we haven’t crossed lines with them in years.

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