U21 Euro Championships

England v France has just kicked off.

Some good talent on display. I’d imagine these two teams are the favourites to win the competition.

Guendouzi and Nelson are on the bench

There’s too much football happening.

Yet at the same time no football.


Lost interest in the women already? :santi:

Haha, no no, as Shammy said, there is a lot of football on. I’ll dip into it all, will watch the women again tomorrow, England v Japan.

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You’re really interested in football as if played under water?

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The subs perform well in them conditions.


Pep will turn him into a monster

Shame Wan Bissaka decided to put one in his own net in a bid to appear shit and stop United buying him :smile:

Mind you, France missed two penalties so England were walking on thin ice anyway.

England 2-4 Romania

Some game! Hagi looks like he’s going to be class.

Looks like football isn’t coming home again :speak_no_evil:

Imagine trying to play out from the back when you don’t have technically proficient defenders lol

I only saw the second half, but yeah, good game. Shame Boothroyd is a shit manager though.

Romania as a whole are better than I thought – good team coming through there. They had a shedload of fans in the stadium too, so fair play.

Reine Adelaide currently showing out for France U21. He’s got an assist to his name and is displaying some nice intricate touches in the middle of the pitch. Another one of those youngsters that ‘got away’.

that dasilva was on loan at Charlton from Chelsea, decent left back

Spain playing some wonderful football. Winning 1-0 versus Bielik’s Poland.

Spain still producing midfielders I see. Ceballos is just a dream to watch at times. Fabian Ruiz is superb too. He had a half volley rattle the post right before Fornals of West Ham put Spain 1 up.

Hopefully our scouts are keeping a close eye on the tournament. If we can’t afford the best thing, then hopefully we can get hold of the next best thing.

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Fabian Ruiz makes its 3-0, successfully scoring from 25 yards after striking the crossbar and post previously. Third time lucky. Amazing 40 minutes.

The three hits below. Don’t mind me, I’m just busy licking my lips :pleading_face:

God damn. Top bins by Ceballos for 4-0.

5-0 now. Aside from the fact Bielik gave away the free kick that led to the Ceballos wonder strike, he didn’t do much wrong. Displayed his aerial ability again and threatened from a set piece. Just the 2 dribbles today.