U21 Euro Championships 2017


Atletico’s Tiago is the one that previously played for Chelsea during Mourinho’s first spell there. He broke his leg around the time we was supposed to sign Saul.

And Saul has a hat trick :smiley:


Saul’s hattrick! Fucking hell!


Saul and Ceballos… fucking hell. That conveyor belt just keeps on producing talent.


A cheeky bid for them? We are basically linked with everyone this summer :mustafi:


I think it’s €45m for Saul’s buyout clause, do it.


Only!? Get him now!


Really don’t like Bernardeschi. Yes, he shows some good skills, but he thinks to be stronger than what he really is.
Williams close to score the 4th.
45 good first minutes, then they completely outplayed us.


How about this for a release clause



I was thinking about him.


I’d be very surprised if he was still at real betis in September with that clause haha





Looks good…so we wont be signing him! Wenger suposedly has an eye for big talents but continuously lets the dembeles etc go, and goes after the Sanogos!


“We were after Ceballos and scouted him, but we couldn’t buy him in the end”.




The final is today.


Germany to conquer both Russia and Poland in few days? @CunningLinguist


That was a shot, not a cross. Dangerous from Germany.
What a header! So powerful! Germany hits the post!
Another chance for Germany. Spain is struggling.
Gnaby! Take a bow son! What a touch and shot. Germany playing so fucking well.


At least Spain have bought the ref. Will come in handy.


Germany should have already scored 2 by now.
Can’t believe Spain has been so poor so far.
Deulofeu is shit.
Gnabry lol!
Finally! So deserved! 1-0 Germany!
1-0 Germany HT. Spain lucky to be only 1-0 down.