U21 Euro Championships 2017


Calum Chambers… :giroud3:


Total attempts Eng 16-37 Ger



Germany can’t shoot for toffee. :mustafi:


It’s all part of your gameplan, isn’t it? :wink:


Fuck me! Germany can’t hit a barndoor.
Get in! Penalties!


Germany scores. 1-0. 1-1 Baker.
Saved! Missed as well! Still 1-1.
Philipp scores. 2-1 Germany. 2-2.
3-2 Germany now. 3-3! Decisive now.
4-3 Germany. If England misses they are out. Germany wins!


@Persona ahahah! Going home ahahah! :coq:


Ze Krauts win on penalties… :yawn:



Lol England and penalties strike again :ozil:


That’s what happens when you play a team managed by Kuntz… :smirk:

But it’s fine, we won the World Cup a couple of weeks ago, don’t want to be too greedy now.


C’mon Italy now!
Very good start from us.


Now Pickford is done with the u21s he should be given the senior #1 shirt, no need to delay it.


Spain almost scores directly from a corner.
Spain fears us. They are showing us great respect.
Very balanced game so far.
Fuck! Great save!
Oh Bernardeschi!
Deulofeu bottles it. Thanks god!
Spain starting to get its grip on the game.


27th June #NeverAgain



or they should just never play again, ever


Petagna is fucking clumsy.
Finally something good from Petagna.
Very good first half from us. Just hope we can keep it up in the second.


Saul is a wizard. 1-0 Spain.
Gagliardini, you cunt! Down to 10 men now.
Bernardeschi! Get in!
Well…Donnarumma should have done better here. 2-1 Spain.




Fucking wanker Tiago, go eat a turd sandwich! :campbell:


wait Saul plays for Athletico and Tiago for Bayern?