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Was Trump offered a plea? I have not followed the case super closely but from what I did see, it felt like Bragg was looking to embarrass Trump as much as he could. Having read in other Trump cases the DA’s had rejected the possibility of offering plea deals.

I am no lawyer but my limited understanding is that both sides have to agree to a plea. Trump agreeing to a plea to remain on the campaign trial seems a no brainer even for an ego maniac like Trump.

The Daily Star’s headline work is often very underrated.

We’ll never know for sure because DAs don’t divulge plea negotiations and I doubt Trump’s team would ever talk.

And an offer doesn’t always mean it’s what the person charged would want, it’s just a chance to skip the expense of a trial for both sides.

Can you explain how the DA did that? He was charged with faking business records to cover up or in furtherance of another criminal act. How is that embarrassing or deliberately embarrassing him?

I think there’s a real lack of understanding just how little elected DAs want to charge high profile cases like this. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming and if you lose, you’ll be in deep doodoo for your next election cycle. New York only charged this because the Federal DOJ refused to get involved despite charging one of the other people involved in the conspiracy and sending him to prison!

Edit: he wasn’t charged with tax evasion, the actual crime was making fake business records to disguise the payoff amount as legal services which was grossed up to avoid taxes.

I was just going to put a bit of money on Trump to win the next election now. But it seems every other genius had the same idea and now it’s pointless. :upside_down_face:

Got 5/1 on him being elected the first time round in 2016 :grin:


I won 50 quid on Liz Truss. Though I fear I may have morally robbed them given what she went on to do…or didn’t do.

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So I’m hearing the max sentence for these convictions is four years. Surely, after the latest mouthing off about rigged court, corrupt judge, etc., the judge is not going to show any leniency, is he?

I would have thought he could have been done for contempt of court with some of the things he said.

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During the trial they warned him on numerous occasions that he would be held in contempt for his outbursts. I think now that the trial is over the gag order does not apply—just a guess, otherwise this guy is a complete and utter dimwit to be accusing the judge.

No regular citizen would have this level of patience afforded to them.

A big reason people are pissed off usually people get away with this shit

That’s correct. He can say whatever he wants now.

When he meets with the Probation Services to do his PSI or PSR or whatever they call it in New York they’ll certainly write down in the report whether he’s accepted responsibility for the crime or if he’s going wild about the Judge or jury or George Soros or the Biden DOJ. Judges do tend to take stuff like that into account when sentencing.

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Here’s where being his own worst enemy comes into play. He just can’t stop that gob of his. Ego, narcissism, whatever you want to call it, but I think those things overshadow any strategy he might have regarding all this stuff’s effectiveness with his supporters. If I’m the judge, I’m nailing his ass on every little thing I can.


Now the regular Trumpist idiot may see this as a win for their side and the average neo-lib will see this as having nothing to do with the ghost of Joseph Biden.

I on the other hand see it as a win against the scourge of nepotistic grifting; although he was found guilty on gun charges.

It’s encouraging that a well connected son of a president didn’t just get away scott free.


At least until his presidential pardon gets signed post election anyway.

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Tbf to Biden I think he said he wouldn’t pardon his son. I can respect that.

This is the sort of thing that infuriates me about the Biden administration. They always gesture at doing something progressive but never come good on their promise. Same thing with student loan debt, stimulus, Palestine/Israel and now this new “effort”. When it comes to brutalizing migrants and sending hundreds of billions to Ukraine or Israel it can be done without a second thought. God forbid we do something beneficial for the average citizen.

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