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Looks like it is SHillary Clinton vs Donald Drumpf
She has just been cleared by the FBI for her dodgy emails.

Donald Trump meanwhile has said Saddam Hussein wasn’t bad, he ‘kept the terrorists in check’. Cue outrage, from people who only praise modern day dictstors, not dead ones.

Who gets your vote?

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Nobody, this is depressing.

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From an outside POV both seem to be awful choices.

This is a good thread to test how posting pictures work.

My choice (from an outsiders pov):


Shame Sanders didn’t get the Democrat nomination…Real alternative type of politics not usually available in the US

I’d go with Clinton as the alternative is just too ridiculous to even consider…im amazed Trump has got this far, but the one thing that knows few bounds is the stupidity of the electorate…see recent EU referendum for evidence of that…


Correction, she wasn’t cleared Electrifying. in fact, that Commie cunt, sorry, Comie said she was guilty. not in so many words of course, but he did list her crimes but labeled them/her as naive (i think, can’t be arsed to check). what he did say was she wouldn’t be prosecuted, which by all accounts she should be.people are in prison for MUCH less.

She wasn’t cleared, she was given a pass. the woman is a sick husband beating, AC/DC, foul mouthed lying, gangster everyone on the hill is shit scared of. not my opinion, that’s from those who were close to her, her staff and the secret service agents during Bill’s presidency…

Do you know about the meeting of Loretta Lynch with Bill Clinton prior to Comie’s statement?

Do you know about the massive fraud and money laundering going on in the Clinton Foundation?

Do you know that Hilary Clinton has been covering up her husbands rapes and sexual escapades since before he was prez?


How the hell both of them are still free instead of rotting in jail is mind-boggling!

This is not meant to be read as a pro-Trump post btw. simply that people have no idea how big of a sumbag the entire Clinton family are.
These people are animals!

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This should not be misconstrued as an endorsement of Hillary Clinton (I’ll be voting for Jill Stein, as I did in 2012). And there are many legitimate criticisms of Hillary and her record. But here are a few facts:

She was NOT fired from the Watergate committee (there are numerous fact checks on this that are easily searchable).

She was not directly responsible for Benghazi (or the 13 Benghazis that occurred during the Bush Administration that for whatever reason seem to be no big deal). There was more congressional investigation on Benghazi than on the Kennedy assassination or 9/11 and in the end they could find no wrongdoing on her part that directly caused the tragedy. Personally, I am critical of her for being the most forceful voice in the Obama Administration arguing for military action and regime change in Libya (against the advice of The Pentagon), which led to Libya becoming a failed state. But that’s not the argument the Benghazi crusaders are making.

Sexual escapades are not illegal. And there is no proof that Bill Clinton ever raped someone, or that Hillary covered it up.

We don’t know what Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch talked about, but what we do know is that it had no bearing on the FBI investigation (she’s the Attorney General, not the FBI director).

And she was cleared of any criminal charges in the email investigation. She was certainly misleading about the whole thing. Her actions may have been sloppy and inappropriate, but there was not enough evidence of criminal intent to charge her with any crimes.

Nor did she have murdered Vince Foster or any of the 27 other people the Clintons have been accused of murdering by the right-wing conspiracy crowd. There was nothing to Whitewater. No evidence was uncovered of wrongdoing in Travelgate or Filegate.

The Clinton Foundation discloses all of its donors (unlike, say, the George W. Bush Foundation). The independent watchdog group Charity Watch gave the foundation an A rating after an analysis which found that 89 percent of the foundation’s funding goes to charity (far exceeding the industry standard).

Now, here are some things for which you may legitimately criticize Hillary Clinton:

Her hawkish foreign policy.

Her neoliberal economic policies (similar to her husband’s, which were just Reagan-Lite).

Her cozy relationship with Wall Street, fossil fuel energy companies and drug companies.

Her tendency to blow with the political winds (in the 90s, she was proud of the conservative roots that shaped her as a Goldwater Girl, just last year she was running as a self-described moderate and in reaction to Bernie Sanders she became a firebrand progressive – sort of).

Being about as honest and trustworthy as your average politician.

But spewing Republican talking points and right-wing conspiracy nonsense simply detracts from the real issues.


Thank you. US politics are worse than the transfer window. The amount of misinformation is staggering.


I could care less about character issues. I want someone who is going to do right by the country. That’s why I’m against anyone that’s establishment and that is definitely Hillary. Hillary supporters are such mindless drones it’s ridiculous. She’s been supported by Superpacs and wall street and that is the epitomy of what’s wrong with this country and the main reason the country is going to shit.

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The trouble is that the only viable alternative is Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton would be about a million times better – and even more trustworthy – than Trump. Personally, as I noted, I’ll be voting for Jill Stein (the Green Party candidate). I always vote for the candidate that best represents my own views (rarely a Democrat or Republican). But the world had better hope that Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States. She may represent the corporate status quo, but Trump would be a disaster that transcends national boundaries.


I’m not american and i hoped Sanders won, but i really can’t image how a man like Trump, someone who is better suited for a tv show than to become POTUS, can run a country like America.

Nahh, I think you are buying into the mass media bullshit. It won’t be as bad as they’d like everyone to think. Like I said if Trump actually got shit done people would change their tune real quick. Of course that’s the problem with every presidential candidate in my life time. Lots of promises and nothing ever gets done. Still I would rather Trump because at least he’s offering something different. Special interst control of Hillary will guarantee she will not get anything done in the best interests of the people.

The prospect of him getting anything done when neither party wants him there are pretty much zero.


What kind of shit do you want him to get done? What’s on his agenda? I haven’t followed it closely.

While yes, the mass media bullshit is alive and well… Just read his twitter account, take it from the horses mouth.

But he talks absolute bullshit on his Twitter feed. :slight_smile:


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Here’s what Trump would get done. He would sign into law pretty much whatever the GOP Insane Clown Caucus™ passed through Congress (health care repeal, unreasonable abortion restrictions, anti-gay legislation, privatization of Social Security and Medicare and a dozen other things). All you have to do to understand this is to pay attention to what politicians do, not what they say.

Plus, if you’ve looked at Trump’s actual tax plan you can see why Republicans would love it (all the benefits are for people like Trump). Independent analysis has determined it would add $10 trillion to the debt over 10 years. Unless, of course, they slash other things (which, of course, is the point). And they aren’t slashing the feeding of the military-industrial complex. They’ll be slashing the social safety net (which, in Republican Bizarro World, is to blame for all our problems, even though actual facts would indicate differently).

And his blustery, belligerent, xenophobic foreign policy would put us at odds with the entire world. The man has said we should withdraw from NATO, for crying out loud.


Someone has been watching a little too much CNN.

Have you? No wonder you’re confused, then. I don’t watch cable news myself. I read newspapers. The real ones. Habit, I suppose, since I’m an old newspaper man myself.

Oh, and just because Trump says he can get things done doesn’t mean he can. And even if he has gotten things done in business (a debatable point considering his actual record of bankruptcies, failures, swindles and depending on taxpayers to fund his [sometimes shady] enterprises), that doesn’t mean he can get things done in politics. The most asinine thing that I hear is that the government should be run like a business. That’s idiocy. They aren’t the same thing at all. Besides, corporations already hold too much sway over our government. Putting one of them in the White House is just giving the inmates the keys to the asylum.

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