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He’d definitely say some reprehensible shit but that doesn’t seem to be enough to cost him an election.

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lol no

He eats women alive with his style

I’d love an article or some analysis on that to this alternative viewpoint

I mean, the people that interpreted it that way were the people that collected the data.


I just had a look at the original chart, and you are right to an extent.


Young women are getting much more progressive than men are becoming conservative.

Maybe their interpretation is due to their age, even becoming centrist is so crazy. I dunno.

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Lol Trump dunked all over Hillary when he won in 2016

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Yeah I think it’s very unfair to look at those US and UK charts and say that young men are trending radically conservative/alt-right etc. and even with the German chart it’s just firmly centrist/moderate.

But that doesn’t make for as an alarmist headline which will garner as many clicks

I don’t know if that’s the motivation as I think that young women becoming rabid radicals and Marxists is just as interesting a headline that should get plenty of clicks

Nah, the media wouldn’t run a story or narrative that negative about women

The whole “toxic masculinity, incel boys, Andrew Tate” thing is much more palatable for papers to run with

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Unfortunately it’s true. Like @Bavin said he steamrolled Hilary Clinton and I’m not convinced Kamala Harris has what it takes.

Someone like AOC would be able to bring it to Trump because she has that aggression and fire in her belly, but other than that I think Trump’s dirty, shameless style allows him to just brush most of them aside.

Tbh I reckon Trump dunks all over her too. He will probably go down the ‘stupid little girl’ route. Honestly, he’s pretty hard to beat in the debates and the highlights of those become a key foundation in the public view of the race.


Bernie would do it.

I thought Warren would have had a chance but it is brutal seeing what she has become now so I doubt it.

You see how he is wiping the floor with Haley…

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He’s probably come after her for that music video she did in college and for being a bartender smh


Can we get him to run again?

Only US president I can say sounded like a really decent guy


Bit young isn’t he?

But far far more intelligent and cogent than the other two.


He is steamrolling every state

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He’s essentially running uncontested.

The only question at this point is whether Biden can muster enough support to beat him again.

The more they try to stop him, the better his results :joy:

Biden is finished. It’s embarrassing actually to see this guy stumble and fumble. The biggest mistake democrats made are: Biden to run again and unwavering support for Israel in the genocidal Gaza conflict.

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“The Trump campaign and affiliated political action committees attracted roughly 516,000 donors in the second half of last year, compared with 740,000 at the same stage of his last race for the White House, according to Financial Times analysis of the latest data.”

“It also comes as Trump’s legal problems — and costs — begin to consume much of his time and the funds he will need for a gruelling re-election race. Pro-Trump groups spent more than $50mn on his legal fees last year.”

“On Tuesday, the Biden campaign announced that it pulled in $42mn in January and had amassed a $130mn campaign war chest, which it said was a record amount for a Democratic candidate at this stage of the campaign.”

I think Trump beating Biden is very far from a sure thing. I think it’s much more likely that Biden beats Trump like he did last time - Trump has alienated too many voters and Biden has a lot of policy successes.

I don’t think who has got more donors means much in this election.

Trump’s support is from a large variety of (dissatisfied) voters. These aren’t reflected by donor statistics.

It’s clear Biden will have more donors contributing as the well off and the legacy forces will do anything in their power to have Biden elected.

Democrats have a massive problem losing a part of their voter base due to their stance on the genocidal war Israel is conducting in Gaza. It is what it is.

Republicans don’t have that voter base to begin with. So they don’t lose anything meaningful for their support of Israel.

The type of person to care strongly about Palestinians lives and rights are not going to be the type of person to either go and vote for Trump or be happy to abstain from voting and then let Trump win by default, especially after Trump’s famous ban on Muslims travelling to the US ans all of his other racist rhetoric that he spouts so openly.

I really don’t think Israel situation will play a big role in the upcoming election.

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