Twitter YouTube etc


Can’t see any embed features so just uploading some links to see how/if they work. :slight_smile:

This suggests no Twitter embedding…





doesn’t stay in quotes



@Craigie the spoiler is still a spoiler to me in the quoted message


I like the blurred effect on the spoiler :slight_smile: curious how that works on mobile




I like the way none of these need plug ins. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s a huge loss if we can’t embed tweets but I’m pretty sure some would think that a problem…and when i say some i mean Calum :smiley:


Getting an error whereby only half a video appears in a post. Could be my piece of shit android, but thought it worth mentioning. :slight_smile:


I get that all the time too


Not sure what’s happening with tweets lately but after the tweet number they all seem to have ?=s19 insterted after the tweet number. I’ve been fixing them as I spot them but just look out for it after ye paste or the tweet won’t post properly.



here’s a pretty curious detail I’ve noticed:

If I click a tweet on OA and go to twitter and see it, I cannot get back to OA by clicking the ‘back one page’ (arrow) in the browser (Mozilla Firefox). It gets the address in the bar but is just stuck loading. Every other possible type of link seems to work as normal, it just can’t get back from twitter for some reason lol


Maybe the next Discourse update will fix it. Have to wait and see.


There’s your problem.

Nah but seriously that works perfectly fine for me on chrome.