Twitter embedding

I think everyone had noticed tweeds weren’t embedding anymore. This was caused by Twitter changing it’s rules and policy. Basically you need a paid plan to have tweets embedded on platforms now, we all know who’s stupid idea this was.

I have found a workaround and tweets are embedding again as normal. Only difference is the Twitter URL still shows above the embed box, but it’s not disturbing. It remains to be seen for how long this workaround will work. But for now we’re good to go.

Fuck you, Elon Musk.


His rule changes are only impacting himself. I’m already finding myself going on Twitter less. The blue tick system is a mess, so you don’t know who to trust. And it’s not just me, he is ruining something that didn’t need fixing for a lot of people

Does he think this will make us pay? His ego is bloody massive. We can’t embed into articles at work either, so we just embed from Instagram instead. Less clicks for him.


Not that this affects me 99% of the time but it seems to only work on mobile.

Weird. Works on both for me

I think it’s fixed :eyes:


I think this is better news than Declan Rice signing tbh

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Actually I’m not sure now, it does for some tweets. Not all. Weird


The proper pasting of the tweet was better. It actually showed any quotes or videos or pictures on the tweet lol. Instead of just showing it as a dead link

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I actually agree, it looked cooler as it showed the relevant thread if there was one. Added context when needed.

As someone who hates twitter I couldn’t care less about any of that and it means threads don’t jump about all over the place when you click them.


I hated the thread jumping and it’s made me use OA less because it was so frustrating (combined with crazy season)

What is fixed? I’m still Clicking on threads and having to travel a half mile down to see the new posts


Just as I never see this issue…I am logged into twitter on my browser and with a tab for twitter opened all the time.

Someone try that out and see if it solves it for them. :slight_smile:

I’d much rather have the fairly minor scrolling issue as opposed to having to click through to twitter for every time a tweet is posted, even more so during the transfer window.


User error.

I’ve disabled the Twitter embed feature that caused pages to jump up and down.

The default Twitter embed has been fixed. Make sure you let the embed box load in preview mode before publishing your post, to prevent the tweet not being shown correctly.




Turned back on. Tweets embedding was broken again.

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Nooooooooooooooo whyyyyyy

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Hopefully Twitter shuts down permanently soon.