Twin Peaks

For anyone watching the third season. Doubt we’ve got more than @A.F. and @Dr_Strangepass watching (based on your profile pic :wink: ) but can’t resist making a thread.

Two things I don’t get: how is Dougie Jones randomly the guy that Cooper from the lodge goes into his body? I guess it’s got something to do with the ring he has one when good/Red Room Cooper takes over his body, or however you call it, but is he also some version of Cooper or is he just some guy that happens to look like him? I don’t really get how there can be 3 Coopers, Evil Cooper (Bob), Good Cooper (in the Red Room), and then Dougie, what is he exactly?

The other is Diane: I have a hard time reading the scene where she goes and sees Evil Cooper for the first time as acting, despite her turning out to be working with him the whole time. If she’s putting on that act for the FBI agents why mention the last time they saw eachother like that, I don’t know, the acting and the whole way the scene works doesn’t really make sense if they’re already in contact…that struck me as a powerful scene and the one after too with Cole and Albert, but then to find out she was in cahoots with Evil Cooper/Bob the whole time both kinda cheapens it and doesn’t really fit for me

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I only watched the first couple, and then stopped. I liked it enough, just I don’t have that much time anymore for TV, and prefer the dumbness of Game of Thrones lol. How’s it been so far @AbouCuellar?

I watched some of it, but got so annoyed at how no one noticed that Dougie was suddenly a man who behaved like he had learning difficulties.

This is a man who has a wife, a car, and a career. But now he’s walking around like he has the mental age of a child, and no one even blinks.

I love it. Feel it’s lost a bit of momentum after the first 8 episodes or so but still, for me it’s by far the best thing I’ve seen on TV in a while.

Eh, I think this is typical Twin Peaks style droll humour. It’s a bit overdone, I agree, lately the Dougie scenes are sometimes kinda boring, but it’s not that different from Andy or Lucy even or people not making that much of Nadine suddenly acting like a 18 yr old and having super human strength in season 2, or even now this guy Freddie who wears a super-strength-giving garden glove on his hand 24/7 . It’s just kind of the universe Twin Peaks is in, also some of it might be a comment on the superficial way people were used to acting with Dougie. tbf, people do say, oh, Dougie, you’re having one of your episodes, or Dougie, you need to see a doctor, or the prostitute even said I think you’ve had a stroke .

It needs more Twin Peaks imo.