Trump Watch


This guy is hilarious. He really must have a lot of spare time to be spending so much of it on Twitter.

Just cancel his state visit already ffs, will only be the fascists at Britain First that turn up anyway


No doubt we just roll over and accept this shit off him. Get sorting the banquet out and dish up a slice of humble pie.
This special relationship is why we have a fucking problem with Islamic terrorism in the first place cunt.


Ofcourse he has.

I don’t think he works at all.
The guy who has spent his time being a celebrity all these while, won’t suddenly be spending hours doing paperwork.


When you spend that much time golfing, you’re going to have a lot of time to be on your phone.


In the grand scheme of things, the only good thing to come out of the Trump era is that voters are more precautious about their future voting.


I have him as the kind of person who has a try-hard-looking 20-something girl who tweets for him. I can see her following him around all day with a notepad like a dog, and every time something pops up in his head he tells her to tweet it with zero impulse control and every time he slaps her on the ass to send her on her way.


that teenage girl is himself man.
I can totally see him lying on a sofa in white house( or golf course) going through twitter like an attention seeking teenager.


Fair enough :smile:



Holy shit seems that Mueller flipped Flynn.

Time to pull this beauty again from the vault.


Hear, hear




After Roy Moore loosing in Alabama surely it’s only a matter of time before the GOP realising that the “trump affect” winning them elections isn’t a thing any more and turn on him, hopefully anyway


RATM :heart_eyes:


That is so great haha :joy:


Even leaving aside Tom Morello’s qualifications, Rage Against The Machine are an incredibly political band and have been producing politically radical music for at least 25 years. The guy had no idea who he was addressing lol


It’ll be very interesting to see how this tax cut works out long and short term.


The way he talks would be funny if he wasn’t in such a powerful position.

To be fair it is still pretty funny


Fuck :laughing:


I think we can assume with some certainty exactly how these tax cuts will play out.