Trump Watch


Folks in case it all goes tits up. I want to apologize on behalf of my red state countrymen who voted this absolute roaster into office.


Needs a JFK job done before nuclear war starts


It’s all just posturing.


Exactly. Only a complete fucking idiot would…wait a minute.


Trump is a lunatic. Kim Jong Un is a lunatic. Doesn’t bode well for us people on the west coast.


There’s more chance of me banging Riley Reid than there is of NK attacking the US.


Hahaha that isn’t a reference I’d have expected from you mate


I read an article earlier on stating how North Korea have pretty much just called Trumps bluff by saying they have plans to bomb Guam.

I can’t see it escalating to all out war between the two, but the two leaders make it far from impossible.


What’s most likely is Trump sanctions an unnecessary strike on NK, resulting in a retaliation against Seoul.

And even that is far fetched to me.



Trump’s America.


Trumps condemnation of fascists is as pathetic as I’d expected it to be.




Someone drove a car into a crowd of counter protesters. He’s in custody after one of the victims died.


And Donald Trump struggling to call the problem by its name. For a president that wants to unite he doesn’t seem to be doing the best job so far.




This is like a scene from some zombie horror movie. :disappointed_relieved:


How can he call the problem by its name when it would mean alienating his base? It’s pretty embarrassing to be an American these days.


At least it keeps the rest of us entertained. We’ve had the daily Trump update with at least 2 articles on the front page of one of our biggest newspapers for half a year now.


On my FB feed this morning: If war breaks out with NK, send all the flag-waving, gun-toting Trump supporters first.