Transfer Wishlist

I think if they both start a match in their favoured positions (No.9 for Jesus and No.10 for ESR), I don’t have an issue with them being moved around during a match into a different position, i.e. Jesus moves to RW when Nketiah comes on as a sub.

BUT, I think in terms of starting options we are light on RW. ATM we would be absolutely screwed if Saka was injured for any length of time aka Jesus this season. So I think we need to bring a new top quality player into that position. With PL, CL, and the two cups, there will be plenty of games, and the players need to learn to be rotated over the season. We were obviously looking to address this position in the summer as we made a bid for Raphinha. Shame we couldn’t have got him, as I think he would have been a perfect option for us.

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Nelson has to be compared to holding in that sense - 2 league appearances, 2 goals yet was never going to be given a continued run.

Trossard or ESR could fill in for saka if needed. They’re both two footed and wouldn’t be a steep drop off in quality. And then there’s marquinos to come back to provide even more competition, albeit he’s a work in progress.

Absolutely agree with a new midfielder though. Surprised elneny got an extension - not sure if he’s more valued than lokonga

Rumours that Sterling could be a potential target. If you thought my liking of Zaha was OTT, wait until there’s even a slight chance of Sterling being available.

Saka, Sterling, Trossard, Mar9. Jesus and ESR able to play wide as well. Incredible.

Yes, I rate Sterling that highly, I’d drop Martinelli to the bench. High wages and probably one contract in him - can’t see a deal happening though. Would cost 50m you’d think.

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Chelsea would take a bath on the fee and they’d have to convince him that he’s better off taking a paycut to go elsewhere.

I think one of the reasons Boehly floated the idea of bringing trades to the PL was because it takes power away from the labor class and gives it to management.

If Sterling was a baseball player he could be traded (assuming he didn’t have a “no trade clause” which do exist and can also be earned by players who spend a certain amount of time in the league) to any other team. There wouldn’t be a conversation about whether he’d have to take a pay cut but Chelsea Baseball Club could just ship him out.

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With some speculation circulating… Adding Ait-Nouri to the wishlist. Wolves do have 3 players at LB, albeit I think one of them will go in summer anyway (Jonny), meaning they would then be reluctant to sell Rayan cheap’. Or is he just like tavares anyway? rico Henry as a more orthodox backup.

I’m struggling to think of anyone who could play like zinchenko does now though…Nacho impressed against Liverpool this week…not likely to leave Real though

What we looking at this summer? To me it doesn’t seem like much business needs to be done.

A midfielder will surely be the priority
Left back if Tierney goes
Striker depending on what happens with Balogun

Of course we don’t want to stand still but at the same time doesn’t look like we have to do much with the squad as things stand with incomings.

Unlike Mr Nostalgia, I still think we need some serious depth of quality after seen our performances over the two legs tonight. We need to build up a squad for the CL and even the PL and other cups.

WE could do with another centre back. It’s not must like others I’m mentioning.

A proper back up and long term replacement for Partey.

A quality striker to challenge Jesus for number 1 spot, give Eddie one more season to see what he can do in Cup competitions and send Balogun out for one more loan to a PL side and see how he handles it. Then let Arteta decide who he keeps.

A player to step in for Xhaka to eventually be his replacement.

Send Viera out on loan, and bring in a strong back up for Odegaard. With Smith Rowe challenging too.

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Kolo Muani has the ball on a string

For good minute and half, I was like what’s so great about this video.

You don’t see the impeccable close control under all sorts of pressure? Defender all over his back and the touch is still silky smooth. Gabriel Jesus is great at that.

There’s plenty more but that’s the standout for me

I watched him twice vs Napoli in the champions league he looked at best distinctly average

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but he only played in the first leg. he was serving a suspension in the second leg.

There you go then even worse than I thought :grinning:

Let’s get really wishy in here:

Bremer, Rice, Maddison, Toney/Osimhen.

Jesus has the ability to play wide, I’ll go along with the idea that Maddison can play as an 8 or 10 and Bremer can more than push Saliba. Toney helps us in the Premier League, Osimhen helps us in the Champions League. Osimhen is unrealistic though.


As a back up team is crazy. This kind of depth will cost 180-200m but who cares? Get Holding, Trustee, AMN, Pepe, Nelson and one of Nketiah or Balogun (reluctantly on either) gone and we can afford it. Outlay of 120-135m

I don’t think that group of players is going for £180m - £200m

West Ham want £100m for Rice, Napoli want over £100m for Osimhen (and I can see them getting it)

Leicester won’t sell Maddison for less than £30m even with his contract expiring - their best player.

Likewise with Toney, and he has 2 years left. You’d think they’d want at least £50/60m

Dont know about Bremer, Transfermarkt estimates at £35m.

My estimate for total of all those players would be more than £225m with Toney, or close to £300m with Osimhen

Osimhen is quoted at £150m
Rice is around £100m
No chance Bremer goes for less than £40m
Maddison around £40-50m

That’s a £300m haul right there not including the huge wages Osimhen, Rice and probably Maddison would want to.

I omitted Osimhen because he’s unrealistic. So take £100m plus off. Toney is back up to Jesus who is back up to Saka on the right.

Toney - 50m
Maddison - 40m
Bremer - 30m
Rice - 70m

Holding, Pepe, Lokonga and Nketiah out. 70-90m

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dont need toney balogun will be fine

Agreed Mav.

For me it would be this, but not bothering with Toney, and expecting to pay a bit more for Rice (£80-90m would be a good deal imo). £160m outgoings, <£100m net spend

I would rather Balogun than Toney, and he would be £50m cheaper and lower wages

To be honest, having Balogun as back up is our only realistic chance of keeping Balogun.

I like the kid but reckon Toney is much more ready to contribute.

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