Transfer Wishlist

Well reality would be Saliba shifts and White goes RCB but his point was about the overall cover.

In summer I’m sure we’ll upgrade Bobby holding but probably keep him around anyway.

Whilst it would probably be good to add more depth at CB, it really isn’t as pressing as the wing/cm areas imo. We have limited funds and ways to manoeuvre.

Bob Holding should no longer be an Arsenal player come next season.
Cash in while people think he’s somewhat dependable.

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If we sort winger, midfielder and centre-back in January, it’s very likely that our business for the next year is mostly done. Probably looking at opportunities from then onwards.
Bit like Liverpool.

Agree talent wise. Don’t think anyone will really want him and I think they like his presence around the squad.

Always involved in the promo videos and seems to be the main joker left, lightens the mood in the dressing room I figure.

If he’s happy dropping down to 5th and getting paid to be a nice guy then fuck it, wins all round.

Nah, he’s had interest before. Teams will want a piece of Arsenal next summer too. Can see a club like Everton being stupid enough to pay £15+m for him.
That is if they don’t get relegated of course.
I’ll take it.

All the remaining scrubs need to go next summer. Ain’t no charity here.

It’s always a possibility with this club in regard to another CB, we never seem to tire of interest in them.

I think if we have the greenlight to go big in January, we will hopefully be going big on two quality players. Not sure how much that leaves us for a CB.

I really want another striker too, if I’m not being too greedy :sol:

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Be interesting if he hops on the target man trend.
He did have an interest in Vlahovic among others so we may see it if the budget allows it.

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15m for holding, you mad? :joy:

Wasn’t the interest West Ham for 5m when he actually looked alright for a while?

When was that? The last interest I remember was from Villa last summer when Diego Carlos got fucked and before that his loan move to Newcastle in 2020, which Arteta blocked.

Nvm was 5m loan fee not transfer, back in 2020.

If somebody is mad enough to pay 15m to edu for a player we don’t even want then fair enough.

We could easily get 15m for Holding. We should be pushing for 25 to be honest. He’s English and at a top club. The fact he’s shite wouldn’t stop a promoted club splashing on him. He probably starts at Leicester, Leeds and Fulham and they’d buy him.

They sold Maguire and Fofana for around 120m so 15m for Holding would be good business for them.

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A club has fucking shit for brains if they spend 25 mill on Holding, but I’d fucking love to Rob someone blind like that.

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Michael Keane at 30m set the bar for average English defenders. Maguire at 80 was the peak.

I see what you did there.

Whilst it would be nice, I ain’t Holding my breath. :man_shrugging:t3:

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If his contract is expiring we can’t be Ndicking around. Need to push the deal through before state owned clubs get involved.


Just be patient, it will happen Evantually.

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Bring this guy in, and also throw everything you can to get Harry Maguire.

With Partey playing just in front of them, our CBs would be the envy of all of world football.

I’m not just talking any old Tom, Ndicka and Harry here. :man_shrugging:t3: