Tottenham Vs Arsenal (PL)

Come on you gunners let’s make it 10 Wembley wins in a row!!


Is Harry Kane a mouth breather?

  • Yes
  • Yeah

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Match Result?

  • Scum cunts
  • Draw
  • The mighty Arsenal !! #COYG

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This is one poll I wont choose the opposition :smiley:


I think we will actually turn up for this one, going to say 2-2 Draw.

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Expecting a textbook THRILLER :tada::tada:

We still have this new team with a lot to prove, first derby and this could be the start of us turning it around. And they have a not-new team who should remember how they got beaten earlier on.

A loss here for us is probably 4th over so a lot at stake.

I’m going for 2-3 win.


I think we’re going to get battered.

Time to end Spurs’s unbeaten run at Wembley. C’mon Arsenal! MOA to gun them down :kos2:

Newport are going to do that on Wednesday!

Think we will struggle but it’s a derby so who the fuck knows.

Oh yeah, they have them first. Hopefully they will have to play some first team players so they will get tired.

Wembley isn’t really away for us so think we’ll batter the pricks. I’m usually far more cautious but fuck it- I’m riding the transfer window wave of optimism. We should definitely try signing good players more often.


I’ll be more than happy to gorge on my humble pie if I’m wrong, but I just don’t see us coming away with even a point.

It’s a hard one to call. A month ago I would have said a Spurs win for sure. But now, I don’t really know what to expect from our team. It feels like we’ve turned a corner – albeit it was only one game against Everton. But it feels different somehow.

The Spurs game will be a test for sure – and we could just revert to type, but i’m feeling optimistic :crossed_fingers:

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But defensively we haven’t turned any corner. We forget because of the result, but there were quite a few times yesterday when we were carved open very easily, and thankfully they didn’t have the players to capitalise.

And I don’t see that changing until we bring in a solid DM.


Ssshh we don’t talk about that. Don’t ruin the optimism!

even at 4-0 up we weren’t able to shut the game down totally against crappy Everton

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Difficult one, I can’t allow myself to not predict a win against Tottenham and we do own Wembley, having said that they aren’t going to gift us easy goals like the hapless Williams, Mangala and c

But I’m going to it so yeah, must win game :eyes:

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@shamrockgooner what did you edit haha? Can’t see anything changed :slight_smile:

This is so hard to predict.
We are poor away and they aren’t that great at Wembley.
We played really well against Everton, but they looked like a relegation side, so it’s hard to judge.
I would settle for a draw because losing means they pull even further ahead and will be difficult to catch them, especially as we have Man City the following game.

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