Top 10 talents in Arsenal youth squad now

Arsenal is one of those very few premier league clubs that has plenty of talents in their youth academy. Their current youth crop is full of potential and talent that is required to make a mark in the big stage. Here is the list of ten young prospects who can find a place in the Arsenal eleven sooner,

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Someone tell china to get the chequebook out. Payday is almost upon us boys.

Most over used word in football that potential. People seem to forget it can work either way.
Academy football is at a level you cant forsee anybodys future on imo.

We can’t exactly predict the future with their academy performances I agree, but that is the best way we have to assess the young talents. A few many falter after being a great player in academy, but most of them who succeed in academy level perform decent in senior level…

Depends entirely on your definition of ‘decent’.