Tire Slashed on Car..............could be racially motivated


So the missus has recently passed her test, we’ve got my mum’s hand me down car. Nothing flash or to be jealous of. This morning she sets off to goto the supermarket comes back after realising on the way that her tire has been slashed. After checking, it’s clear the front passenger tire has clearly been slashed in about 10 places. Very obvious. We’re both upset and feel under attack.

The suspects:

Mentally Ill Bloke - He has had a go at us but not in the last 2 1/2 years. He once started barking (literally) at me and my mum and swore a bit. I said ‘sorry mate’ to which he replied ‘you heard, piss off’. we then walk to the cemetary. He drives in after us and walks at 100mph in our direction. We change direction he follows with his crazy walk walking up behind us. I turn to ask ‘sorry mate are you alright, you seemed upset before’. He starts swearing, saying he doesn’t know me and calling me a ‘weirdo’.

2 1/2 years ago he started starring at my missus breast feeding our new born when reversing his car into his spot. One time he did this in a very blatant way, parking up for a couple of minutes or more. I starred across from my window. He comes out shouting ‘what are you looking at’ and generally tying to act hard.

He’s also sworn at another couple with a toddler, repeatadly when the toddler was there for no obvious reason, but that’s going back 3-4 years.

The Admiral Small Box Guy - we had a speed control box fitted for our car this morning only about an hour before she noticed it was slashed. He didn’t mention the tire was slashed, maybe he didn’t notice. He doesn’t really have a motive.

Some Random Racist - I’m white, missus is black. So yea…BREXIT etc. Some people seem less friendly with me since she’s moved in.

Action taken: Knocked on everyone’s door with the line 'Excuse me, have you noticed. Including Mentally Ill Bloke who was almost certainly in and didn’t answer. Actually a couple of people were in and didn’t answer.

Planned action:

Install Surveillance Cameras - not sure if anyone has any tips?


Out of curiosity, could you post a photo of said tire? Best of luck with the hunt, id suggest a security camera going forward if you can manage the installation etc.


Sorry if this sounds daft but I’m not sure why you’re assuming any racial motivation?

I’d suspect either some young hoodlums with nothing better to do, or from your description Mentally Ill Bloke seems far more likely, if he’s had a few run-ins with you before.

My friend had a car keyed just for parking too close infront of their house in a minor dispute over onstreet parking. Some people are just like that.


Because racist people exist and his misses is black?

Not rocket science


Maybe he should give more detail on anything that might have provoked it then. Any assumption of racial motivation for something like that just because you’re in a mixed race couple is vague at best.


After investigating, the neighbourhood nutter has some form for slashing tires. One of my other neighbours has had his tires slashed multiple times by the same bloke. Not sure how they know it’s him but they seem pretty convinced it was him. As for the nutter, he actually watched as my missus left with he flat tire with our little one in the back.

I knocked on neighbourhood nutters door anyway. He was in but he didn’t answer, I could hear his TV was on. I wasn’t going to accuse him or batter him, just ask him if he’s seen anything. Not sure if he shit it or didn’t hear. But he hasn’t taken his car out all day so he may well be shitting it. Now could the fact I knocked on his door by causing him to do more crazy things? Hard to figure someone like that out.

Police don’t take this type of crime seriously unless you have CCTV footage. Just get a crime reference and I don’t want to ruin no claims so fat lot of good that is.

Not the techy mate, missus took a few pix though, it’s got about 10 long cuts on the sides of the tire, mental because only 1 would be needed to make it irreparable.

So security cameras can run up to 200-300. Don’t have the cash for it at the moment. Going to put up some powerful security lights and put up a gate that I can park the car behind. You can also get cheap CCTV to and fake CCTV, which should off put any sane person. Unfortunately this cunt is crazy.

There’s nothing more I can say about run ins with him but he seems to have targeted us more than anyone else. Although he has been aggressive with other neighbours to.