Ticket question

Hi Gooner friends!

I’m a fan from Finland and trying to figure out how to get tickets to The match against Liverpool…

I myself am a Red member but got a couple of mates who have Silver memberships.

We are planning to head over as a group of 2-4 adults and 2 or 3 kids.

Now, can I as a Red member try to buy tickets for all of us as long as our memberships are linked and I’m using the memberships of my Silver mates??

It all gets very confusing when I look at how this works on the website.

Any practical tips would be most welcome.


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*that’s better lol

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Some good websites to get tickets fr but they generally charge a fair amount more than face value. Whenever I’ve been desperate and haven’t been able to get a ticket from one of my usual friends I’ve always used a few Twitter accounts. I can send them through to you if you’d like

Some decent stuff here :smiley:

Cheers fellas. Does anyone know specifically if I as a red member can use my mate’s linked Silver membership to purchase tickets myself?

I can’t speak specifically to the red/silver thing but I’ve bought tickets for others in my network before and logically I can’t see why it would be any different as long as the memberships were all eligible to purchase the tickets in question.

There is the 3,500 (unless that number has changed) they hold back for reds for each league match and I assume a silver can’t buy one of those but in a ticket exchange scenario I’m sure it’d work.

Is it possible to assign tickets to a friend via the ticket exchange? Or does it always go to ”an open market”, i.e. for anyone with similar membership?

You can assign tickets once they’re in your basket to linked accounts or after you’ve bought them I believe (I’ve only allocated to linked accounts). Tickets become available to silver members I think 8 weeks before a game and you get access to them a lot earlier than reds.

I’d recommend using your friends’ silver login to buy the tickets. I’ve not yet used my own silver membership but I know you can buy two tickets on a silver and allocate one to a red if needed if they are exchange tickets.

Presumably If there are 2 silvers then you should be able to get 4 tickets this way. If you link the silvers then you may could get 4 in one transaction though I’m not sure about that.

Your red membership will probably not see any tickets available for that game when the time comes, and probably nothing on the ticket exchange either. Use the silvers to get the tickets for sure.

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