Thomas Vermaelen

Imagine he is our new CB… :joy:

Verminator :heart_eyes:

no thanks :wenger2:

Nah, his time is up here.

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We have vacancy in the medical room after Rosicky, Dibay & Arteta are gone. Bring him in!


First they leave, then they say “Fuck it! I shouldn’t have left” :bellerin:

Awww bless him.

He used to be good, but no thanks.

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His time here is over I’d say.

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Maybe rose tinted glasses firmly on here, but Id love him back here

Hmmm, we should bid for Manolas then. Before somebody else does. But yeah, we are the Arsenal.

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Was his permanent transfer away from the club your first clue? :wink:

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Manolas will not leave AS Roma until the clause with Olympiakos will not expire. They can’t sell their best player and earn only the half.

Manolas will be available next summer and should be a priority target. Very good defender.

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Force the issue and make it happen now?

If you want to pay Manolas for a fee around 80M of Euro, Roma will agree to sell him.


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It’s impossible, because of a clause with his previous club Roma will only receive 50% of the transfer fee.


Ah right, thanks for the explanation @Burgundy


that is pretty cheap, could potentially be a great signing for Everton and it would be nice to see the Verminator back in the Prem :slight_smile: When he first joined he was excellent for us

Sign him up. He’s got 4 more Premier League goals than The Ox don’t ya know :sunglasses: