Thomas Partey (5)

Partey wasn’t brought on to play it safe. I don’t particularly give a shit that he didn’t pull off all his attempted passes. Partey’s whole schtick is how progressive he is. If I want someone more reserved I would pick Jorgi or Rice.

Don’t get ne wrong, he’s clearly still not sharp but as @Trion mentioned, had Saka scored the winner people his impact would be perceived differently, similar to how he started the attack that led to goal against City.


He did fuck up more on safe passes

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It weren’t sideway passes though. Most of them where between the lines, and he wasn’t the only one. White, Saliba and Saka struggled with them too late on.

Credit to them, they read us very well. You could tell they’ve been focusing on this match for some time.

Thought he played a big part in the win. Forgetting that disaster of a second half performance from Chelsea, they were looking really dangerous in transitions in the first half.

Partey started the game very well and immediately put the work in off the ball, winning the ball back often and then transitioned into our attacks.

Caught a glimpse of the Arteta presser and he’s saying Partey has been training very well recently.
Interesting dilemma on who to pick between Jorgi and Partey against Spurs.



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That was straight up disgusting, loved that when I saw it during the game

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Partey took us to first half of 22/23 season man. On his day, what a player.


On his day, this guy is world-class. If only he could be fit for an entire season.

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It’s a bit of a cliche to say Jorginho can’t run so don’t pick him for Spurs but on the other hand the amount of space those bozos leave in behind could be extremely inviting for him to whack balls into. I guess Partey can do that too.

Could you go super secure with Partey-Rice-Jorginho, move Odegaard to the left, Havertz through the middle and Saka on the right? I know it sounds stupid but I doubt Spurs could break that team down.

The reality is that we’re a better side than Spurs right now, but their fans are going to be going wild to try to stop us from getting a result there.

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just 4 more games to go, no need to make changes or fuck up what is good.

I would choose the same 11 from today’s game to start against Spuds.


Welcome back general. No coincidence that Rice and Odegaard were immense yesterday.

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First time this trio has actually played an EPL game together right?

Everything clicks perfectly with these guys.

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What really stood out to me yesterday is not only his ability to break the lines with his passing but the pace at which he passes the ball at. Really helps the transition because each additional split second and inch of space the likes of Odegaard and Saka get is tenfold in terms of danger for opponents.


yes, well put

Agreed. The games where Arsenal have struggled the most has been in moments where our midfield and forwards slow the game down to a snail pace, making for a mechanical, chess-like yet very predictable approach to matches.

Our counter attacks would die because our players overthink.

But guys like Partey who break the lines, force our players to be more decisive quickly, which often leads to more positive outcomes.

Yesterday’s performance was very reminiscent of last season. Not sure what Arteta said to them at half time, but it was like a completely different team out there.

Makes me sad knowing we have missed out on having this guy in the side for basically the whole season.


Looked his old classy self last night. Such an asset to have him during this run in. His passing looks much more crisp than a couple of weeks ago.

In form, all the injuries aside and those rusty games, he’s one of the best players we had at the Emirates. A very very special player.

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Only catched the highlights but he looked good in that.

How was the chemistry in midfield with him Rice and Ode?

As if they’ve played together 300 times before. They were all free-flowing. We need to start this midfield for the rest of the season.