Thomas Partey (5)

Signing both Rice and Caicedo in the same window is a pipe dream much less adding Gundogan to the mix. That’s an extraordinary outlay for a club that has never spent that amount of money in their whole window let alone just in one area of the pitch. We have to spend like Chelsea to achieve that.

It’s going to have to be Rice OR Caicedo, then maybe if City are charitable they’ll let Gundogan go out of pity. But for any of it to matter we have to hold onto Partey and Odegaard at the very least.

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That midfield you list is when you start to get to city levels of quality.

That’s a fair point. I’d say that #8 spot is the weakest on the pitch at the moment, so we should aim for Rice over Caicedo as I think he can play in both the #6 and #8 slots on the pitch.

Gundogan is definitely a pipe dream, but hope he considers us if the City deal isn’t good enough.

Indeed, especially if we want to go far in the UCL.

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Gundogan is out of contract this summer, so it’s not dependent on City letting him go, thankfully

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Didn’t know that. Could be in with a reasonable chance if the player fancies it. Fully expect Barca to get him if those are his options.

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Same. Barca seems a more logical move for him, being one of the world’s biggest clubs and playing in a league that Gundogan has not yet experienced. We’re in with an outside chance at best, imo.

Don’t Barca have financial issues though? Or have they resolved that with the Messi saga last summer :thinking:

Yeah, I think they still have issues, but I’d expect them to find a workaround if they want the player, especially on a free transfer.

They’ll force guys out of the club if they have to.

Like Jordi Alba…

Mans got that silky touch back today, don’t love him at RB but as long as he’s on form wherever he plays then he’s a nailed on starter.

Anyone who wants to sell or bench him must be off their rocker.


Even moreso if he’s actually looking useful in a utility role. I don’t care what business we do in regard to midfield this summer this dude has to stay if we want to have an actual CL campaign next season. Total no brainer


Still think he’s our best player. Hopefully the full back nonsense stops when Saliba is fit. He burned out at the wrong time but he was brilliant for the first six months of the season.

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I don’t think any club looks at Partey age and thinks they need to get him round the table for contract talks when there’s 2 years left. Seems a bit of a non story to me. You’d expect us to get him round the table nests summer after assessing the way this current season goes.


Yep, not really the same worry with someone like Saliba that teams will be lining up to pinch a 31 year old Partey.

He might still be good and we might want to keep him but then youve got to assume we’ll still be his best option and able to tie him down if we wanted.

Worst case we replace a 31 year old player.

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From the Times. Don’t see him being sold tbh. Italian clubs wouldn’t offer anything worth taking.

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Keep him, please.