Thomas Partey (5)

I disagree with the Danish commentators…had one or two moments but overall he was great…did the job we need him to

Brilliant game.

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He brings so much calmness and composure to that midfield. And he’s neat and tidy. Absolutely vital cog in this team.

Tidy game from Partey, didn’t put a penis wrong all night.


Lots of penetrating passes from Partey tonight. Big season ahead.

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Yeah; basically needs to remain fit and not guilty.

Hard to predict either.

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It’s a weird one. If we lost yesterday, we’d all be questioning “what does Partey even do?” Lol

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Hmm, he was really good yesterday though.
Saliba, Ramsdale, Jesus and Partey were the standout performers for me.

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I thought Ben White was pretty admirable also tbh, felt he dealt with the threat of Zaha as well as could be expected.


Glad to hear Tim is still a clown. :clown_face:

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Had to Google Tim Sherwood, completely forgot who he was.

He’s a nobody.

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I genuinely mixed him up with Tim Westwood and thought he’s got some nerve, thinking it was something to do with their respective ‘troubles’

Think I need a lie down


Tim Sherwood in being a complete tosser shocker

Remember during commentary when Liverpool played Spurs and it was 1-1, then Liverpool got a late corner and Tim was all like “I’m not worried about these corners at all”. Liverpool then scored from said corner.

Basically; the dude never knows what he is talking about.


Tim Sherwood is a serial loser

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