Thierry Henry

I loved me some Pepe dude was crazy but controlled

There was a game where he gave a late penalty and he was so furious he kicked the guy afterwards while he was none the floor. I think we were either trailing a goal or were level. They missed the pen I believe and then we went on to win the match as well.

Found it:

What a fucking match. Higuain was so fucking good.

Varane is a better defender than Ramos? You’re actually taking the piss now surely.

We’ve had this discussion before btw. :rofl:

Pepe was great.

I have softened my stance on Ramos.

If we look at attackers now compared to before, the game is easier for them.

And is conversely more difficult for defenders.

They have to be good at defending but also mobile, skilful and good passers of the ball to a much higher extent than before.

With the high lines played nowadays. No wonder their longevity is by and large shit

Defenders today should get more rope compared to those of the past and somebody who has been as accomplished for as long as Ramos was, deserves some credit.


You softened your stance o Ramos, eh?
So you didn’t rate him then? See, I knew we would find something to bond over again.
Been some time since Ode was our boy. :cry:

Thierry has also become a shareholder of Como.

Just catching up with this thread. @GC-Maniac is such a maverick with his takes :sweat_smile: In no world is Varane better than Ramos.