Thierry Henry-shirt?

Hi. My 9-year Old son really wants a Thierry Henry-shirt (match-Jersey) for hos birthday. Is there anywhere I can buy this? Has to be one of the shirts from when Henry was at Arsenal, not the shirt from this season (of course).

Have you checked eBay or Amazon?

Yes. But have only found Them in adult-sizes.

Warning, it’ll probably bloody cost ya, this site is well expensive these days.

But they do regularly have kids sizes :+1:

Depop is a good place to check as well. I’ve found some gems and the prices are negotiable too (depending on the seller).

Are you Danish?

Worried you’re about to get another demotion?


Yep :blush:

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Held og Lykke med trøjen!

Tak for det :blush::+1:


stop talking about me behind my back in danish

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