The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine pack out now!

Anyone played it?
Multiple endings again depending on how you chose to do things.

Really well done imo and a great last ride for Geralt.

I’d put more effort in the OP but i cba

Played through it and it’s really great, as been expected. A few bugs here and there, and just like in Skellige there’s too much of the same stuff when hunting treasure.
A good and rather complex story, whichever ending you “choose” it won’t spoil it with Triss or Jenn.
Fun with the introduction of dyes as well, to be used changing witcher armours color.

I honestly didn’t expect that it would be £16 on the PS Store. I know it’s probably worthy of the price though. All the trailers and reviews look superb as usual.

As much as I think the game is a masterpiece, I still haven’t bothered to complete the main story yet because playing the game started to feel like a slog. The movement really got to me eventually, especially in the less open locations. I played for 9 days straight initially doing all the side quests too. It was incredibly addictive at first.

But since I progressed to Novigrad and then Skellige, it stopped feeling as fun as before. I really am not compelled much at all at this half way mark. I do try to respect the lore of their world as much as possible but I suppose I may have reached my limit as far as how much time and effort I’ll exhaust into a story I don’t care a great deal about. I reckon you can’t really take long breaks out of games like The Witcher. It’s easy to forget just how epic it is after taking that time out.

It is an incredible game though, but for me personally it won’t even hold a candle to the emotional investment I put in for Red Dead Redemption and even Skyrim. Obviously the fact that those games aren’t even half as long as The Witcher 3’s main story impacts that mentality somewhat. But Red Dead is still six years on an absolutely majestic and sublime masterpiece. Best Rockstar game ever it’s as simple as that for me. Xbox One owners are fucking lucky to have it on backwards compatibility.

Loved it

Unfortunately I got the bad ending :frowning:

All games are like that for me, it’s a hard balance getting your moneys worth and actually finishing off a main story. I clocked 80 odd hours on Metal Gear loving every moment then I literally could barely be arsed trying to finish the final few missions - tho the games design had a lot to do with that.

Witchers story was enough to carry me though, great characters and plot developments will help you over the final hurdle when you’ve explored every fucking question mark and played about 5000 games of Gwent.

As for blood and wine how long is it exactly and can you play it standalone because I traded the witcher in yonks ago.

You need the base game

I shall never play this.