The weather

I just want a beautiful warm summer. Last year was as bad as I can remember it.

Fingers crossed!


Mate I still have trauma from last summer. Started so promising but July and Aug was so bad.

We always tend to have an Indian summer in September but the evenings always get chilly pretty darn quick.

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Maybe I’m just getting easily grumpy in my ageing years but I’m so fed up of being absolutely drenched before I’ve even stepped foot into the office.


I hear umbrellas are good for this


Makes dog walks a pain in the balls too!

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Umbrellas, don’t get me started!

What about poncho’s?!

Its basically impossible to wear a poncho in a public place that isn’t a festival or sporting event without looking like an utter weirdo


I look like a weirdo when I go out in the rain then. Though I also look a bit weird without a poncho.

This might be weird but I love when its torrential rain but absolutely no wind at all so you can enjoy using your umbrella and can pretend you are in singing in the rain walking from the office to the station


I love bad weather. Dunno why you’re all complaining.

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I love heavy rain in the summer, that smell that comes off wet leaves in the summer is lovely.
Though I want it to be hot and sunny most of the time please.


I don’t know what happened recently but every time the met office tweet now it gets lots of comments from angry people saying they are editing the weather :joy::joy::joy:

For example:

This one has 456 responses :rofl:

People are moron’s, that’s the problem.

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Yep, some people try some science but get seriously out of their depth very quickly.

Much of western Europe away from the Med is also suffering from this cold trough that’s hanging around like a bad smell. There are tentative signs that the Azores High will strengthen to our SW in about 10-12 days bringing more settled then eventually warmer weather but it’s been a stinker of a summer so far for the UK and many of its neighbours.

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Well I wish it’d hurry up, I’ve a friggin fence to paint that I can’t risk painting right now incase it pisses it down :rofl:

I’m praying that the weather gets better because this is genuinely unbearable.

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What’s your thoughts on this gulf stream dying thing? Are we all fucked?

There’s some hints that the jet stream will beef-up off across the North Atlantic bringing the Azores high closer to us by the end of next week. However, the forecast models have been showing this trend at day 10/11 for the last two months.

It’s fucking horrible. I have Fibromyalgia which gets worse in the wet and/or cold. I’ve been looking forward to summer since last September and I’m feeling totally demoralised about this crap.


Where do you live if you don’t mind me asking and have you considered moving to a warmer climate country (I know it’s not always possible)