The weather

We’ve had VERY loud thunder for the past 20 minutes!

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It’s 21 fucking degrees at 1AM :weary: :weary: how am I supposed to sleep?! Ahhhhh

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Sweaty bollocks at work already. It’s going to be a bad day.

So, so hot here… 33 degrees.

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July weather on the west coast of Norway is bollocks, June her had mid to high twenties and pretty much all of July we’ve had 10-15 with a fuck ton of rain…Pathetic.

32° here, I hate the fucking Summer. Against the Modern Summer!

I’d take your weather any day of the week. 2-3 hours a day of sun and heat would be more than enough for me.


God bless the Norway weather

Wouldn’t be a problem except during winter we normally have something constantly falling from the sky, be it snow, rain or both, add that to only 4/5 hours of daylight and temperatures of -21 to +2, we do really like to take advantage of the 3 months of the year we can actually leave our houses :joy:

Not a single cloud for a week.


So British this thread , we moan about not having a proper summer and then when it arrives we complain its too hot !

Was In the 30s yesterday in Yorkshire and today was planned for bad weather but it’s still mid 20s. No doubt when it comes to the weekend it will be pissing it down. :sunglasses:

this is a cute threat

Im sweating like a priest in a childrens home !

I have 30 degrees in my room during the night :ozil2:

High of 27 C and sunny here in beautiful Olympia.

Yes but you are in Italy. Scotland isn’t made for this temperature in the middle of the night :wink:

I’m literally only satisfied with the weather about once a year. When its fifteen degrees exactly with precisely the right mix of cloud and clear sky. It’s normally on a Tuesday morning in April when I’m teaching.

You need to feel the heat to get used to Ibiza :ozil2:

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Bergen,the Manchester of Norway , rains every day !
I spent a summer once in Haugesen and it was glorious, it didnt rain for 4 weeks bu then rained every day for the last 2 !