The weather thread


Not only is the weather nice, but the Oilers are in the playoffs for first time in ten years. WOOHOO! Fuck, they’re lookin’ good.


Shitty March/start of April here. February was way better.


Looking good for the weekend



36 degrees tomorrow, fuck me.


Weve got thunderstorms by the looks of things…Hopefully a few lightening bolts will hit some Chelsea players… But knowing our luck… Oh bugger!




Tits perfect this weekend here in the Midwest USA. Mid 70’s, sunny, low dew points. Gonna get my bronze on.




Lol 75 degrees Fahrenheit is not hot :joy:


shut it you. This is about as good as it gets over here!


Thunderstorms were just raging down here south of the river, though it seems to have calmed down now to a light, almost drizzle.

Which makes the temperature lovely, I really wish it would just stay like this, I’m really not a big fan of the recent hot weather.


It’s gone all grey here! That’s no good for our FA Cup hopes - according to Danny Murphy, our only chance of winning today is if it’s hot and sunny :confused:


Grey and wet Carshalton way… 4 poxy chelsea open tops just gone down the road…


Perfect weather to celebrate a League and cup double. Let’s hope we can put a spanner in the works! UTA


Too hot. Need rain once in a while even tho it messes your hair.


It rained 11 days straight when I first got to London in 2010, so I don’t think you would have to many problems with that :joy:


God it’s just TOO damn hot right now. I’m going to the beach ASAP.


Listening to the rain if you’re inside is relaxing af


Just had a thunderstorm where I am. Was hoping for all day sun so I could have a BBQ and watch the game :confused: