The weather thread


Looking forward to temperatures of +4 this weekend. We’ve just had a cold snap of around two weeks and the temperature with the windchill the other night was -34. Eastern Alberta managed -45 in parts.

Snow? About a foot on the ground since well before Christmas, and it ain’t going anywhere soon.


Rainy days here in Italy, but it may snow.




A couple of days of mild snow with temperatures slightly below zero, and generation twitter breaks down in tears. Making their way through deadly 2 inches of snow to pick up their morning latté at Starbucks, each of those brave souls is experiencing their own personal Stalingrad!



Had fuck all snow down here in Bournemouth

Been cold, but no snow


The first day here since last February or so where the roads are to icy to cycle in to work. Hate having to take the bus.


Now clear and sunny… Still taking the day off though…


@SLAG instead of closing your thread as I initially did, I’ve merged it with the pre-existing one :thumbsup:


Going to go close to reaching 40 degrees in Melbourne Today.


Some mental hail stone storm.


Been in the 7 deg. range the last few days here. Nice. Next weekend it’s back to -18 to -20.


January is cold :hushed:


Extreme fire warning and it rained most of the day. #straya


Good capture there!


Bit of snow in the air…


At my daughter’s place, too, Slag. Forecasting 50-70cm of the white stuff tonight, and a further blizzard on the way for Wednesday/Thursday. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are pretty much shut down.



hope it aint the Doris i know, will be murders…


Looks like Doris has arrived… Windy. Told her not to eat beans…


Yep, it’s Doris Day!

Had to play a game of avoid the wheelie bin and all its contents this morning. But could be worse…