The weather thread


wow :joy:



We’ve got Muslim Weather here …
it’s either Sunni or Shiite


Weather’s perfect here.


I’ve forgotten what heat from the sky was like :heart_eyes:


Topless in the park weather these past few days lol


So hot here. It’s about 30 degrees :cech:


Bit hot in the UK, isn’t it? :smile:




You are right :wink:


its been pretty nice up here past couple days too lol

we’re well into our 2 week summer


England had 28 degrees all day today! It only hit 16 here and the sun didn’t come out till 3 hah


16 is better anyways. Nice sun but a breeze


Nah the hotter the better!


@Calum, a scottish latino guy :wink:


I knew that killing all those polar bears was going to be worth it in the end.


Sounds like a fucking nightmare. I hate the heat.

Give me a nice breezy 19 degrees any day.


Northern cunt, tbh.


Ah the the Daily Express. Not summer without them saying it’s gonna be THE HOTTEST SUMMER ON RECORD


Yeah I hate the heat. A clear nice day when it’s 19-22ish is enjoyable and the hotter it gets from there it doesn’t get any clearer or any nicer, just more and more uncomfortable.