The weather thread


Fucking cunt snow


Think it’s snowed here nearly every day this week. :joy:

Unreal hah. I’ve just got used to it, oh look it’s snowing again… :joy:


I do love snow :kos2:


I love snow until I slip


So today’s weather so far:

Really sunny

Heavy snow

Really sunny

Only in Scotland :joy:


Irish people when we hear there might be a few inches of snow…


I gotta say, on days like today i’m so bloody grateful for Twitter and Facebook. There’s absolutely no way i’d have known it was snowing without the 837 posts telling me so.


It’s snowing.


Where are you now? It should snow within 48 hours here as well.


We’ve got sunshine all day. :sunny:


Southern England.


Gonna feel like -8 when I wake up tomorrow morning according to bbc weather :joy::joy::joy:



This is really nice for these parts in February. We had 16 inches of snow on the ground like two weeks ago.



A candle? Is it still 1864 in Canada?


Well, fuck me!


A bit of snow and the trains get fucking useless :persevere:


Holy fucking God I’ve not felt cold like this in my life :weary:

Trains are fucked here as well will


Sunny, but fucking cold here. We had 5 degrees below zero last night.