The unpopular football opinion thread


You’ve gotta point but that doesn’t make me feel any better about our record.


In my mind Spurs aren’t a team who need to perform in those games either. They are just an Everton on steroids right now (stature-wise etc), but not the equal of those three teams. We are. Or should be.


Are we still talking about Andy Carroll or @AbouCuellar here ? :wenger:

Nice thread btw.

I’ll chip in with VAR is a good thing for Football, just needs to be organised better. The fuss and the way people kicked off about it a few months ago, wanting rid of it was OTT.




Haha both!

No, we’ve all been reliably informed by @AbouCuellar himself, that he is a normal human in real life :grin:


Players should stop rewarding pitch invaders with selfies and hugs, don’t care if it’s a kid.

Don’t make security look like assholes for keeping you safe by doing their job.