The unpopular football opinion thread


I couldn’t stand beards because I get thick needle esque beards.
I finally got a hang of it.
Still need to find a way to soften the cactus ranch.


He can’t change that he’s gorgeous. Even if he grows a beard


Always trust @Phoebica on Giroud :wink:


Andy Carroll is my guilty pleasure man, man bun for the win


Hate to break it to you, i’ve met AC. Only because he is with a girl who used to be in TOWIE. Billie. And they are both knobs. He actually asked me to take my shoes off before the driveway. He wanted me to walk up the street bare feet. Nah mate.


Sounds dickish, tbh I only fangirl him because I love his rugged look


That hair needs cutting you gotta be joking!


Disgaree, I’ve always rated a man bun and beard combo


Welbeck should start over Özil in the big games.


Nah, Ozil has no problem with big games but the shit around him does, when the whole team performs Ozil is great in big games, see FA Cup final where we could’ve been 4-0 at half time


The fact its an either or over these two says a lot really.


How bad have things got when this is actually being said and is possibly true?


That’s the problem tho, the team doesn’t perform, ok we do against Chelsea but that’s mainly because we’ve got Kante’s number but apart from that Özil gets made to look like he’s a clown more often than not in the big games thanks to Wenger’'s being a clueless bastard in terms of modern days tactics.


You tell me man, you tell me.


Edit - and that doesn’t include the result on Sunday.


I only follow Arsenal these days because it’s the subject matter of an internet forum that I like.


As I’ve said in another thread, in the last 5 or so years our record away against the current top 6 is one you’d expect of a side fighting relegation :flushed:


One of the problem with this forum is no other subject matter sticks.
Arsenal should remain as prime subject but there is really nothing else.


Mourinho would win Arsenal the league if he ever was our manager.

Spurs are not a better team than us. better coached, and better drilled/more cohesive, yes. better players man for man, no. Lloris/Cech are on the same level, and no way Lloris will have the same accolades as Cech has in his career. If Poch had our players, he would win the league with them.


I agree.
Mourinho needs to spend more than his rivals to win anything and even if he did win the PL, it would be effective but boring football.
Pochettino would win the PL with us and if he stays at spurs they will continue to finish ahead of us.


better than pochettino’s. the media don’t cuss him ou for that.