The UK Conservative Party


Jesus Christ. Please make her stop. (Actually, don’t :grin: )


I think it’s quite sweet. Reminds me of my mum trying to be cool :slight_smile:


Why do politicians and members of the royal family do things like this?

Don’t they realise that these clips will be shown regularly on programmes like Have I Got News For You and Mock The Week, and they will be constantly ridiculed by it.

All this proves is the stupidity of these people, thinking that it in some way enhances the standing with the public.

If you watch this clip with the sound turned down, and you didn’t know who she was, she looks like an adult with special needs who has wandered onto a scout camp.


Maybe she doesn’t care that she’ll be ridiculed :slight_smile:


The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.


I don’t think she gives a fuck. And neither would I.


I can’t fucking stand Theresa May, like I really fucking hate her and her party. But half of me rates her for trying to throw some shapes even though she clearly can’t dance.

Which I’m thinking is exactly why she’s willing to participate even though she knows she’s an awful dancer.


It would have reflected worse on her if they wanted her to dance and she said May don’t dance.

Appearing more like a human will never do her any harm.


I really think the Tories need to pay more attention to IHRA, maybe then they’d think twice before taking the disgraceful decision to support Orban and Fidesz




Thoughts on the budget?


More austerity.


A few decent measures but nothing particularly concrete or interesting. The tax on tech companies will prove to be absolutely useless so that’s a waste of time.

All this will be made redundant by the emergency budget in Feb/March of next year anyway so it doesn’t matter.


Here we here we here we fucking go


As much as I don’t like May, at least she is doing what she thinks is best for the country.
Johnson, Rees Mogg, Gove etc, are only doing what’s best for their own ambitions.


May is stuck in the sense that she was a remainer who has taken on a job that she did not actually believe in. This was always going to be a disaster.


It’s a similar situation as when Major took over from Thatcher.
He was a decent politician, leading a rabble.


I think May actually believes in Brexit and has done so since the Referendum result came out but I think she was confronted with the harsh realities of what a hard Brexit actually means for the UK and as a result adjusted her position.

From the start of her Premiership her stance on Brexit has gradually softened. Anybody other than Hard Brexiters would follow this same pattern of thinking.

Yes she want to Leave the EU but shes reasonable so she tempers those risks against the massive econmic hit and potential break up of the union/peace in NI.

I think her biggest fear is being responsible for bringing violence back to NI and laying a new platform for Indyref 2


She doesn’t want to leave the EU. She’s just trying to make the most of a shitty position Cameron left her in.


This chaos we’re in is all Cameron will be remembered for.
Cameron, Osbourne and Johnson are not exactly a great advert for an Eton education.